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2012 Winners Showcase: Super-Judged Photo Contests- PhoozL


2012 Winners Showcase: Super-Judged Photo Contests

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Here are the final Winners (and Honorable Mentions) for the completed 2012 Super-Judged Photo Contests. You can also see the complete 2012 PhoozL Points tallies for this contest type and the 2012 Overall Top 10 Phoozleers (FINAL).

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NOTE: Images below are cropped. Click into the images to see them larger and in their full-frame aspect ratio.

‘The Portrait’ — judge: Albert Watson

November 20 – December 16, 2012
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  1. ‘The Portrait’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Save Our Earth" by aliusmanwahyuhidayat
    Judge's Comment: "Simple, yet not so simple. Why is he without a shirt? Why is he holding a crushed globe? Is he questioning the photographer? Is he nervous or confident? This picture is surreal yet is as simple as a passport picture. It has all the essence of a great portrait. Even after seeing this image only once and looking at 100 others, I remembered it clearly. Well done.”
  2. ‘The Portrait’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Alvaro Nunez" by Carlos-cespedes
    Judge’s Comment: "This image has beautiful color, it's graphic, minimal, and almost has a religious quality to it. This lighting is exquisite, with only his face ‘apparently’ fractionally above the surface. Any photographer looking at this simple image might say I could have done that, but just try! Well done."
  3. ‘The Portrait’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Child on Fire" by zarnoosheh
    Judge's Comment: "Sometimes textural events like the pigment dust festivals in India (Holi), dust storm pictures from the Sahara, or religious festivals in the Mediterranean can be an easy target for photographers. A lot of the visual energy is already taken care of, all you have to do is hit the shutter and you should get something. This image is a different story. Yes, it's full of texture, but the combination of the child's positioning and the adults’ hands contrasting with the child's, give the picture an other-worldly appearance overall. It's unusual to see a portrait like this being framed with six hands. Excellent contrast and color. Well done.”
  4. ‘The Portrait’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Fortune" by Anatolie Poiata
    Judge's Comment: "Of all the pictures I saw, this picture absolutely captures the soul of this child. The child, of course, looks like a child, but look again, and the face has maturity. I would have rated this shot even higher had the composition been more iconic. This could easily have been achieved by reframing this image and adding contrast. I would like to be closer to this child visually, but it’s definitely a moving image."
  5. ‘The Portrait’ – Honorable Mention C

    "Previous Birthday" by ekambourian
    Judge's Comment: "One of the few environmental portraits that I saw, and definitely the best of the genre. The picture is full of mystery. Are those birthday balloons? Who is the woman at the door? What's in his hand? Why is the chair at the back wrapped? Yet, in all of this confusion, the portrait is crystal clear; the man's somber head framed perfectly by the dark armchair. Great image."
  6. ‘The Portrait’ – Honorable Mention D

    "Ozzy" by ilona.B
    Judge's Comment: "One of the most art-driven images. Who says dogs don't have a soul? Terrific color, strange composition. The presentation could be slightly stronger, but the image is striking. Pet pictures can sometimes be trite, but this really has something."
  7. ‘The Portrait’ – Honorable Mention E

    "Sleeping or Dead?" by missviii
    Judge's Comment: "Wonderful image. The whiteness of the fingers, the richness of the facial skin tones, the sharpness of the hair almost give the picture a solarization effect. It's simple, complicated, and unusual all at the same time."
  8. ‘The Portrait’ – Honorable Mention F

    "Hope" by Raghuranjan-Sarkar
    Judge's Comment: "Strong, powerful. Who is the child? A grandchild, it seems. Strong lighting. Good print interpretation. Memorable. Without the child, the picture is strong. With the child, it's even stronger."

‘Travel Photography’ — judge: Margo Taussig Pinkerton

September 2 – October 13, 2012
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  1. ‘Travel’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Mourning" by zarnoosheh
    Judge’s Comment: "We found this image to be intriguing. The eye is kept roaming around the photograph, finding new elements and surprises, but always returning to the central character. There is a really strong feeling of being one of the mourners, of being part of the ceremony."
  2. ‘Travel’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Lady in Red" by Matt Heffernan
    Judge’s Comment: "This image is full of motion and the feeling of a bustling city street. We found the use of bold color to be really strong in this photograph, and the less-common, angled view adds tension to the image."
  3. ‘Travel’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Mystical Baobab Alley" by Sandra A.-B.
    Judge’s Comment: "We think there is exceptionally strong composition in this photograph. What makes the photo unusual and compelling is the body language of the boys against the dust. The dust to us is critical to the success of this image."
  4. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Destination" by Debaphotowala
    Judge’s Comment: "Strong use of color, graphics, and body language in a simple, pleasing composition."
  5. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention B

    "Haitian Orphan's Feet" by carly.starnes
    Judge’s Comment: "Very effective use of selective focus and color, and an obvious statement of the quality of life of the subject."
  6. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention C

    "Sand Story No. 4" by Viet Van
    Judge’s Comment: "Perfect capture of the boys having fun against simple graphics of the sand and shadows."
  7. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention D

    "Foggy Beach" by kasialadczuk
    Judge’s Comment: "Wonderful, surreal quality and textures in an elegantly simple composition."
  8. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention E

    "Varanasi Flower Girls" by Shikchit Khanal
    Judge’s Comment: "Beautiful use of diffused light and excellent expressions and body language of the small girls in the well-positioned boat."
  9. ‘Travel’ – Honorable Mention F

    "Second View" by aminsh13
    Judge’s Comment: "Intriguing mystery of the eyes in the self-portrait (?) and the mélange of background colors."


‘The Art of Nature’ — judge: Daniel J. Cox

June 29 – July 31, 2012
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  1. “Nature” – 1st Place Overall

    “Whale Shark and Sardines” by Matt Potenski
    Judge’s Comment: “The overall Grand Prize winner was an amazing image of a whale shark feeding on sardines, and it was by far the most natural looking of all the pictures entered. However, its beauty came from numerous elements such as capturing just the right moment in time, the difficulty of getting such a photo of a relatively rare subject, as well as perfect composition and gorgeous natural light. It’s a stunning image, and it jumped out at me above all the others even during my first perusal through the initial contest review process.”
  2. “Nature” – 2nd Place Overall

    “Sunset of Fire” by Andy Hutchinson
    Judge’s Comment: “For the second place winner, the pelican and setting sun is also a very natural looking image. The intensity of the sky is stunning by itself, but that wouldn’t be enough to win. It was the beautifully composed pelican that made all the elements of this image come together. Without that pelican it was just another gorgeous sunset. And, without an eye for composition, this image would not have gone as far as it did. It’s just stunning from foreground to background with great elements of interest: the pelican, the colorful sky, and a background of additional roosting birds.”
  3. “Nature” – 3rd Place Overall

    “Lady in Red” by Marty
    Judge’s Comment: “For third place overall, this ladybug in the tulip is another great example of how color can make you look further. The intensity of the flower mimics the warmth of the ladybug and together they compliment each other beautifully. I had some concern about the ladybug being nearly smack dab in the middle of the frame, but in this situation I actually think the composition of the insect is a bonus. The beautiful lines of the multi colored petals make up for additional compositional elements that work to make the ladybug seem fine just where she’s at. A centered subject would not normally be very appealing, but a good photographer knows when to break the rules and if they can get away with it. Here it worked.”
  4. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 1

    “Colored Stones 1” by Mundy Hackett
    Judge’s Comment: “The wet, colorful rocks were a favorite. The photographer did a great job shooting straight down on the subject, which gave him/her the ability to have great depth of field from top to bottom and side to side. I often teach this technique in our Photo Tours.”
  5. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 2

    “Ice Curves” by Victor
    Judge’s Comment: “The leaf on the ice is another favorite. Growing up in Minnesota and spending a lot of time in the Arctic, I’m actually a fan of ice. It can be so beautiful with such subtle patterns, monotones and intimate details. The leaf, which looks like an alder or willow, adds a soft, serene element of interest that jumps out with its beautiful color.”
  6. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 3

    “Geese in the Corn Dust” by Mike Landwehr
    Judge’s Comment: “The snow geese landing is all about the lighting. What a great image with three birds in the frame and hundreds of heads sticking up from the grain field. I would love to shoot with this photographer! This is my kind of photography: beautiful light, lots of birds, and the knowledge to know what side of the light to be on. Backlight or sidelight is the way to make a still photo look as though it’s three dimensional. And the image timing is just right as the geese came in for a landing.”
  7. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 4

    “End of Eternity” by Cpt
    Judge’s Comment: “The duck swimming silently in the still water of a bayou or northern wetland was another favorite. This image has so much ethereal emotion and mood in it. Normally, I don’t care for an image with a great deal of white cloud with no details at the top of the frame (white spaces in the sky draw your eye out of the frame), but once again, that broken rule works wonderfully here. And the way the duck is headed as if he’s moving off into the sky is great. The pattern just works.”
  8. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 5

    “Modest Grandeur” by Lara Nouri
    Judge’s Comment: “The beautiful purples and greens of the peacock feather plus the composition are stunning. I really liked this image from an artistic perspective.”
  9. “Nature” – Honorable Mention 6

    “Lagoon” by high evolutionary
    Judge’s Comment: “The Egret landing on a small pond or lagoon is another example of the beauty of capturing just the right light at the key moment. The bird’s turned-out wings create a large enough subject for interest. The only small drawback to this image is the sky, which isn’t quite as interesting as, say, the second place mage. However, the foreground with the river and the bird is stunning.”


‘Seeing the Light’ — judge: Joel Meyerowitz

May 5 – June 4, 2012
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  1. “Light” – 1st Place Overall

    “Portrait of a Cigarette” by Raj Lalwani
    Judge’s Comment: “This image celebrates all the requirements of the contest. It is an image that at first appears to be a simple shadow picture of a window in a blaze of light, but then it becomes more complex and playful at the same time. The puzzle of what is going on in the shallow space of the frame, the sheer ‘description’ of all the elements at play make it a very interesting and compelling image which emerges from the most minimal of subjects. A real lesson in seeing the light!
  2. “Light” – 2nd Place Overall

    “Twilight Lights” by high evolutionary
    Judge’s Comment: “This photograph is a meditation on light. All the various light at that moment, in that place, at that time of day. The photographer responded to the pure pleasure of ‘being there,’ as well as being struck by the disparity between the glories of the end of the day, and the acidic interruption of the unnatural glow of electricity on the man-made structure. Almost as if it were a statement about Nature and Man.”
  3. “Light” – 3rd Place Overall

    “Oak St Basement” by John Cessna
    Judge’s Comment: “This image is many things all at once: a mystery, with a touch of malevolence, a surprise, in the way it works on the mind’s eye, and a description of a place at that in-between hour when ordinary things take on an uncertain character. The French have a name for this hour; “Entre Chien et Loup” between the dog and the wolf. I have always seen that to mean, ‘between the known and the unknown,’ which is certainly the case with this photograph.”



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