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2012 Winners Showcase: ‘Weekly Wednesdays’- PhoozL


2012 Winners Showcase: ‘Weekly Wednesdays’

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Your FINAL Winners (and Honorable Mentions) from the completed Weekly Wednesdays Photo Contests for 2012. You can also see the complete 2012 PhoozL Points tallies for this contest type and the Overall 2012 Top 10 Phoozleers (FINAL). We awarded “PhoozL Points” to all different contest winners (and Honorable Mentions) to see where we ended up at the close of 2012 (pushed a bit into mid-January to complete certain contest series).

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NOTE: Images below may be cropped. Click into images to see them larger and in their full-frame aspect ratio.

‘Dream’ — judge: Mike Pasini

January 9 – 16, 2013
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  1. ‘Dream’ – 1st Place Overall

    “Beginnings” by ashanna
    Judge’s Comment: “The one image in this group that least reflects formal image qualities, it succeeds for just that reason. Oversaturated color blotches, banding in the sky almost like a grungy rainbow, burned out highlights. And yet it's the perfect composition, looking down a well-worn country road with high hedges and, wait for it, that arthritic tree pointing everywhere in desperation as it is being choked by ivy. It's a dream-like image, not a photo.”
  2. ‘Dream’ – 2nd Place Overall

    “A Vivid Dream” by Sandra A.-B.
    Judge’s Comment: “A marvelous composition, the clown placed in just the right part of the frame to suggest something is going on, the crowd obscured enough by the smoke to seem captive in the red light of an emergency. And yet, look closer. See the small child looking at the camera? The photographer turning away from the light? Of course, it's a parade, but the kind of parade you might see in your dreams, where things do not quite follow the usual route.”
  3. ‘Dream’ – 3rd Place Overall

    “Stairway to Dreamland” by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “This simple but dramatic composition invites you to climb out of the everyday world of the fields and up the unlikely stairs. To what riches, you can only imagine. It also demonstrates how important it can be to move your main subject off center. Had the staircase been placed in the middle, it would have looked more like a tornado than an escape. And if it were in color? Not nearly as iconic.”
  4. ‘Dream’ – Honorable Mention A

    “Travel!” by Alexandr Marinenko
    Judge’s Comment: “Wonderfully composed first of all, with the balloon against the deep blue of the sky and the clouds claiming the upper right corner. And the colors are just the ticket, too, with the yellow balloon contrasting with the blue sky. But the capture was made when the balloon was just the right height. Neither too far away to imagine being aboard nor still too close to the ground.”
  5. ‘Dream’ – Honorable Mention B

    “Federal Case” by Jay Sullivan
    Judge’s Comment: “These synchronized nappers aren't bothered by either the dark oddly-leaning sculpture behind them or the lunch-hour action in the background. They are revising reality in their dreams. Sufficient detail was held in their white shirts to contrast with the shadows of the dark blocks falling on the grass. And the black-and-white image holds everything together better than a color rendition would have.”
  6. ‘Dream’ – Honorable Mention C

    “Homes of the Homemakers in India” by AsmitaRajiv
    Judge’s Comment: “This shot needed no extra help from the computer to tell its story. The fragile brick and metal homes of the foreground are overshadowed by the brick and concrete highrise under construction in the haze behind them. It's a warm-toned image, giving it a positive spin. We don't focus so much on what people don't have, as we do on what they one day might. A different kind of dream, certainly, but still a dream.”

‘New Beginnings’ — judge: Kevin O’Connor

January 2 – 9, 2013
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  1. ‘New Beginnings – 1st Place Overall

    "Leaving" by leka huie
    Judge’s Comment: “This lovely image captures a perfect moment illustrating the theme, and it does it flawlessly from both a technical and aesthetic viewpoint. Beautifully composed, beautifully captured—a painterly impression makes the heart smile. Who knows if this one dandelion seed will start a new dandelion. No matter, it’s a new beginning, and an elegantly simple photo shows it to us. Well done!”
  2. ‘New Beginnings – 2nd Place Overall

    "Veiled" by Talya Arbisser
    Judge’s Comment: “This unusual composition delights the eye with its charming and piquant take on a classic wedding photo. The veil around both faces, the slanting diagonal lines, the delight expressed in the faces… all tremendous elements. Kudos to the photographer for making such a nice image. The couple must be very pleased to have such a beautiful reminder of this memorable day.”
  3. ‘New Beginnings – 3rd Place Overall

    "Beginnings of Flies" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “This shot shows significant technical skill, has an interesting composition, and for this reason merits a good 3rd Place selection for 'New Beginnings'.”
  4. ‘New Beginnings – Hon. Mention A

    "New Fern" by Tanguero Chino
    Judge’s Comment: “This is a nice image showing good technique. It’s a very hard image to compose well. I might have liked to have seen the rest of the plant that is cropped at the right, or a slight change of perspective to shoot from the right and change the angle slightly. I hope the photographer had the time to shoot it several different ways and explore the possibilities.”
  5. ‘New Beginnings – Hon. Mention B

    “In Training” by Kay Beausoleil
    Judge’s Comment: “This elegant black-and-white image of vines being trained up a series of strings evokes the contest theme very nicely. Well shot, beautifully composed, and an elegant illustration of new beginnings, it evokes all the hope of new growth in a new season. Nice work.”
  6. ‘New Beginnings – Hon. Mention C

    “Travel Memories” by Carlos Mateo Garcia
    Judge’s Comment: “The sense of movement, of going somewhere, conveys the excitement of going on a trip. It captures the theme very well, and it’s well-composed. Compliments to the photographer for showing us a very nice representation of the theme that makes us want to be on the bus going somewhere with the driver.”

‘Photo Hunt – Celebration’ — judge: C. David Tobie

December 19, 2012 – January 2, 2013 (extended to 2 weeks)
Click here for the full results post.
(NOTE: links in each box below take you to photographer’s complete contest submission set)

  1. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 1st Place

    Sandra A.-B.
    (target “Festive Lights“ is shown)
    (see all of photographer's submissions here) Judge’s Comment: “This series of nine images competed all the categories, offered a consistent, celebratory theme, and did not include a single weak image (though I believe it did include one incorrectly rotated image). In fact, its hard to single out any of these images for special merit, as they are all great shots in their own category. Congratulations on a very professional submission, Sandra!”
  2. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 2nd Place

    Anton. Lef.
    (target “Group Celebrating“ is shown)
    (see all of photographer's submissions here) Judge’s Comment: “This series of images also succeeded in fulfilling all nine image targets, though working from a different type of celebratory event, it was more of a challenge. There are some exquisite images in this series that take the viewer into a colorful and memorable event. A wonderful series that was forced, just a bit, to fit the contest instructions. But a joy to review.”
  3. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 3rd Place

    Talya Arbisser
    (target “Celebration Still Life“ is shown)
    (see all of photographer's submissions here) Judge’s Comment: “A somewhat exotic series that tell a tale of colorful lights by night. There are some great individual images in this series, that form quite a cohesive a whole to tell an interesting story.”

‘A Skewed View’ — judge: Margo Taussig Pinkerton

December 12 – December 19, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘A Skewed View’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Topsy-turvy" by Talya Arbisser
    Judge's Comment: “This image took first place with its combination of the definitely-skewed view, and the imagination used to create the photo and keep the viewer off balance. The bold colors were excellent, too.”
  2. ‘A Skewed View’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Infinity" by Rebati-Seddik
    Judge's Comment: “The simplicity and graphical elements lend themselves well to this black-and-white skewed view. Careful attention was clearly put into the composition here so that the skewed view really works.”
  3. ‘A Skewed View’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Looking Up in the Corner" by Armineh29
    Judge's Comment: “The skewed view and off-center composition is very arresting in this image. It leaves the viewer with questions rather than answers, making this image really compelling.”
  4. ‘A Skewed View’ – Hon. Mention C

    “Cake” by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “A very well-done food shot that makes us want to grab that in-focus strawberry!”

‘Signs of the Times’ — judge: David Saffir

December 5 – December 12, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘Signs…’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Subway" by Matt Heffernan
    Judge’s Comment: “I like the use of the angled camera and the walkway leading the eye to the “nowhere” subway sign. The nighttime lighting, the yellowish colors, and the absence of pedestrians or traffic add to the eerie atmosphere of the image. Like a scene out of Hitchcock! This is my winner."
  2. ‘Signs…’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Pick-Me-Up" by Talya Arbisser
    Judge’s Comment: “Good positioning of the sign's hand with her posture and preoccupation with the newspaper. It’s a very clever use of foreground and background elements that makes one feel like a giant is going to pluck her off the street. Well observed and positioned (and titled)!”
  3. ‘Signs…’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Wiped Out" by Scott Galle
    Judge’s Comment: “More of a story or content capture, this makes me laugh out loud. It’s ridiculous and sad at the same time, depending on how you interpret the title: 'Wiped Out'. The image leaves me wondering why someone used those sign words, what the giant mannequins are doing on the roof, and why someone bothered with the ‘No Trespassing’ sign.”
  4. ‘Signs…’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Closing Down" by Alex O'Neal
    Judge’s Comment: “Here’s a photo that’s all about overstatement (and economics!). The bottom white arrow, the busy parking lot, and the overcast skies – all makes it look like everyone’s out shopping just before the end of the world. Never mind the Rule of Thirds; this scene works great centered just like it is.”
  5. ‘Signs…’ – Honorable Mention B

    "Sunset" by macsota
    Judge’s Comment: “A multi-layered story in this photo: the decrepit sign in the sunset of its life, painted a bright orange that contrasts with the blue sky, and pointing off to the horizon. Nicely weighted to the left, balanced by the expanse of the sky around it.”
  6. ‘Signs…’ – Honorable Mention C

    "Giraffe Warning" by Claire Lee
    Judge’s Comment: “A nicely composed image with a great progression of diagonals: in the triangle sign, from one sign to the next, and the converging lines of the road to the horizon. The image is a bit surreal to someone who lives in the U.S., and the white, puffy clouds just add to the effect. But the poignancy of the submission's Description text brings us back to reality.”

‘Pattern & Form’ — judge: Tracy Valleau

November 28 – December 5, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘Pattern & Form’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Bridge" by photosol
    Judge's Comment: “Wonderful. I am picked up and swept into the picture. Strong, simple and direct. Intriguing, with fine lines balanced against massive. And completely in keeping with the subject, with a bit of vertigo as well. A powerful and clean photograph where the lines and forms have the exact impact and effect on the viewer as intended. Well done."
  2. ‘Pattern & Form’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Puzzle" by Kay Beausoleil
    Judge's Comment: “Excellent composition where all the lines lead the eye to the building. The forms and shapes juxtapose nature and man. The road invites us in to imagine this at eye-level and to walk around. Surprisingly intimate. There is an artist's eye at work in this one."
  3. ‘Pattern & Form’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Zebra Stripes" by Claire Lee
    Judge's Comment: “What a wonderful abstract. While we all recognize the zebras, the composition is made by the two horizontal divisions across the image. That they are "pinched" toward the center and each other is nicely balanced by the matching curves at the top and bottom. The stripes seem to flow from one animal to another. The symetry is broken and the image kept interesting by the small vertical bulge (of an animal only barely in the scene) at the left."
  4. ‘Pattern & Form’ – Hon. Mention A

    "Form Nr1" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge's Comment: “Yes, this is (apparently) a commercial piece, but it exhibits the essense of photography: to whittle it down to the bare minimum; only what is needed to tell the story or share the emotion. To that end, it perfectly represents this week's contest. What could be more simple than a single line? (If it were cropped down the top a bit, to put more weight at the bottom, it would impart a sense of forward motion.)”
  5. ‘Pattern & Form’ – Hon. Mention B

    "Frozen Fall" by gLynda
    Judge's Comment: “Line and form in nature, and in conflicted balance. The sharp frozen crystals wrap the organic decay of the leaves. A harsh winter lies ahead, yet there are small signs of life. The tension here is between the angular crystals and the curved leaves. Both are natural; both are fractal, and both remind us of the extremes of life.”
  6. ‘Pattern & Form’ – Hon. Mention C

    "Rambling On" by Matt Heffernan
    Judge's Comment: “Here, the division of the background in half, strongly vertical and horizontal, serves to push the organic human figure forward. There is an "either/or" feeling created by the 50/50 division of the building's lines and the activity of the verticals vs the repose of the horizontals. There is no doubt this image is about the man, but where is he? Why is he looking down? Holding his wrist? Why the visual tension behind him? This isn't Park Avenue, and the background's industrial lines and forms cause one to think he's "under the thumb" of some one, or some circumstance. Visually, the figure is balanced by the two vents; the road is balanced by the roof. This is a very well-constructed image.”

‘Photo Hunt – At Home’ — judge: Harald Johnson

November 14 – November 28, 2012 (extended to 2 weeks)
Click here for the full results post.
Click here for this contest’s Gallery where you can Sort by Photographer to see a photographer’s image series.

  1. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 1st Place Overall

    Matt Heffernan
    (target “Glass“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Matt Heffernan had a solid group of entries capturing the target subjects. The image shown is a fine B&W study.”
  2. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 2nd Place Overall

    (target “Food“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Sonia continues to excell in submitting images that are colorful, creative, and above all, simple. This egg shot is a good example.”
  3. ‘Photo Hunt’ – 3rd Place Overall

    (target “You“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “A relatively new member of the PhoozL Phamily, mandal.sapta showed a good grasp of the challenge with his submissions. Shown is one of the better self-portraits.”
  4. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention A

    Talya Arbisser
    (target “Room“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “A regular on PhoozL in both mobile and 'normal' formats, Talya is able to zero in on a subject’s essence. This Room shot was one of the best of them all.“
  5. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention B

    (target “Sunlight“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Top PhoozL scorer adamdean submitted some outstanding Photo Hunt images, including this right-on-the-money Sunlight shot.“
  6. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention C

    Marlin Seigman
    (target “Round“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Marlin Seigman submitted very inventive images, with the Millefiori glass ball shown one of the simplest.“
  7. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention D

    Mikael Sundberg
    (target “Dark“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Always in the running on PhoozL, Mikael Sundberg contributed some great imagery, including the high-concept ‘Dark - My bike in the garage’ image shown.“
  8. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention E

    Sandra A.-B.
    (target “Up Close“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Sandra A.-B. is a PhoozL regular, and she submitted a solid group of At Home images with the lovely Up-Close snail shown.“
  9. ‘Photo Hunt’ – Honorable Mention F

    (target “Yellow“ is shown)
    Judge’s Comment: “Another relatively new PhoozL member, Layton submitted several clever images, including the selective-color one shown.“

‘White’ — judge: C. David Tobie

November 7 – November 14, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘White’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Barn" by Bob Welch
    Judge’s Comment: “Bob Welch's ‘Barn’ managed to speak most clearly of white to me, with the purity, the expanse, and the modulation of the whites, the patterns on the white, while still providing a great deal of color, in the reds of the barn and the colors of the sky and clouds. I have to give this image the top award for the contest.”
  2. ‘White’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Shadows" by amorphousbeing
    Judge’s Comment: “Amorphous Being's ‘Shadows’ wins second, with a beautifully controlled abstract of falling water. This is a very sophisticated image, that appears to be illuminated from inside, due to the lighting, and the processing.”
  3. ‘White’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "White Portrait" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “Mikael Sundberg's ‘White Portrait’ attempts the difficult task of rendering the human face in whites. It is a very successful attempt that takes third place. I refer Mikael to my friend (and fellow PhoozL Photo Pro) David Saffir's cover photo on Photo Technique magazine, to see a masterful attempt at this same difficult task: http://phototechmag.com/issue/may-june-2012/
  4. ‘White’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Sword is Mightier" by Adam Czuprynski
    Judge’s Comment: “Adam Czuprynski's ‘Sword is Mightier’ says more about white with a narrow sliver of pure white in an off-white image than his totally white shots managed.“
  5. ‘White’ – Honorable Mention B

    "the Spiral" by Rebati-Seddik
    Judge’s Comment: “Rebati-Seddik's ‘the Spiral’ produced the best white motion of the contest, with the white edge of the spiral stair drawing the eye ever downward.“
  6. ‘White’ – Honorable Mention C

    "White Walls and Lights" by Pursuing-Art
    Judge’s Comment: “Pursuing-Art's ‘White Walls and Lights’ is a clean, pure product shot that transcends the catalog image it might be, with its range of luminous tones and abstract forms.“

‘To Abstraction’ — judge: Wayne Cosshall

October 31 – November 7, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘Abstraction’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Bark of Pythagorous-v2" by Mel Strawn
    Judge’s Comment: “This is an excellent example of constructed abstraction. It makes good use of partial symmetry to draw references to drawings of life specimens, such as moths. It has good tonal use, and the linear elements offer a range of interpretations and add depth.”
  2. ‘Abstraction’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Flash in the Fog" by Adam Czuprynski
    Judge’s Comment: “A very close second, this is an outstanding example of abstracting the landscape. Composition is spot on, as is the use of colour and tone. It is only lacking in conceptual aspects, and it is only this that made it the runner-up.”
  3. ‘Abstraction’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Fireball Dancing" by leka huie
    Judge’s Comment: “Movement is an excellent way to create abstraction, and this is a very strong example of the technique. It has great color, and the composition is ideal, with a good balance between contrasting elements across the image.”
  4. ‘Abstraction’ – Honorable Mention A

    "the table" by Rebati-Seddik
    Judge’s Comment: “Found abstraction is a great approach and requires an observant photographer who looks up and down rather than just ahead. This is an excellent example and makes good use of both tonal and shape contrast.”
  5. ‘Abstraction’ – Honorable Mention B

    "Abstract in Time" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “A clever piece of created abstraction, this image makes good use of colour and shape contrast to create a strong, graphic image.”
  6. ‘Abstraction’ – Honorable Mention C

    "Soap and Sunset" by Kay Beausoleil
    Judge’s Comment: “An outstanding bubble image, this one makes perfect use of colour contrast as well as interesting contrast between straight and curved edges to build strength.”

‘Headshot’ — judge: Bruce Frazier

October 24 – October 31, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘Headshot’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Deep Thoughts" by DragonShot12
    Judge's Comment: "The beautiful tones and textures of this photo combine with a subject that certainly has a lot of stories to tell. This is a wonderfully composed and luscious photograph."
  2. ‘Headshot’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Freckle Beach" by adamdean
    Judge's Comment: "I like the horizontal, off-center composition and the overexposed, out-of-focus background. The subject's personality comes right through in a photo that just reads 'beach vacation.' And I'm a sucker for freckles!"
  3. ‘Headshot’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "A Moment of Contemplation in the Darkness" by aaphoto2
    Judge's Comment: "A wonderful contemplative portrait with lovely lighting. And the "Orton Effect" (blurring the shadows) works well with this image. Note the muted colors with the red lips jumping out of the photo."
  4. ‘Headshot’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Stella in the Studio" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge's Comment: "Beautiful lighting (as were the other entries from this photographer). Really nice portrait of Stella the dog. Click in the image to see the texture and glossiness of the fur. And great composition."
  5. ‘Headshot’ – Honorable Mention B

    "James 'Boogaloo' Bolde" by Talya Arbisser
    Judge's Comment: "Lots of personality here with nice lighting. I also like the vignetting of the corners, and the blue tone is so appropriate for the blues music of the BB King Band."
  6. ‘Headshot’ – Honorable Mention C

    "Hey!" by jlammens
    Judge's Comment: "Not what I would normally consider a classic headshot, but there is something about the camera angle and the subject’s expression that really grabbed me. Plus the blue and cyan combo is a nice touch."

‘Close-Up on Nature’ — judge: Christopher Wormald

October 17 – October 24, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘Close-Up’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Green Leaf" by ginag0108
    Judge’s Comment: "Your green leaf is the winner! OK you used a nice macro lens and some fill-in flash, but your recognition of the swirly qualities in the flesh of the leaf and the texture in the stem was what decided me. Very well seen, well executed and presented. I present you with a virtual pint of fine English Ale."
  2. ‘Close-Up’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Autumn Leaf" by Sandra A.-B.
    Judge’s Comment: “Your lovely leaf meditation is second (but only just, as it would have won but for ginag’s leaf)! It is beautifully and naturally lit – very sharp right into the corners. I imagine you used a tripod; if not you have a very steady hand at 1/60th sec. Your selection of this one nibbled leaf on the mossy tree bark is a superb visual comment on the natural cycle.”
  3. ‘Close-Up’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Head-on Grass" by mungbeans
    Judge’s Comment: “Your gentle shot of grass in an urban environment is superb and very well seen and controlled. Naturally lit and differentially focused, the grass blends into the background beautifully. Nature is there for our pleasure and spirit even in the most uncompromising locations; all we have to do is look, and if we have our camera with us and our wits about us, we can do as you did. Well seen, Mungbeans!”
  4. ‘Close-Up’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Iris" by Jodie Marsh
    Judge’s Comment: "This is a great shot. Generally speaking, use of flash can be troublesome in close work, but you have done a very good job here. The texture of the petal has been retained well, and the effect of flash on the subject and letting the background go quite dark makes the image memorable. Well done."
  5. ‘Close-Up’ – Honorable Mention B

    "A Spider's Banquet" by Mikell
    Judge’s Comment: "Your shot of the demise of the insect trapped in a web is well-handled and tells the story of the cycle of birth and death. The highlights in the background could have been distracting but are not in this case; indicating the continuance of life – death being a very small thing when all is said and done!"
  6. ‘Close-Up’ – Honorable Mention C

    "A Close-up Cactus" by Rosalina
    Judge’s Comment: "I really like this shot; the colors, the composition, and the prickly things around the petals – well seen."

‘The Blues’ — judge: Harald Johnson

October 8 – October 17, 2012
Click here for the full results posting with more information

  1. ‘The Blues’ – 1st Place Overall

    "Moon Over Salvo" by Mikael Sundberg
    Judge’s Comment: “This is a gorgeous Swedish landscape with a hint of melancholy that conjures up novels of Stieg Larsson. The blue permeates, but the moon, the house, and a far-off red marker contrast nicely. I’m feeling the blues with this technically sumptuous image!“
  2. ‘The Blues’ – 2nd Place Overall

    "Old Blue Door" by Sandra A.-B.
    Judge’s Comment: “A decaying Inuit building in Northern Quebec provides a perfect canvas for featuring forlorn blue door. My eyes go immediately to the door but then explore its contrasting surroundings. And if you think the image is tilted, it’s not; I checked; it’s an illusion.“
  3. ‘The Blues’ – 3rd Place Overall

    "Blue Menorah" by RedIvy
    Judge’s Comment: “A religious symbol bathed in blue. The simplicity of the composition with only three elements covers the tonal range from highlight to shadow very elegantly and powerfully.“
  4. ‘The Blues’ – Honorable Mention A

    "Blue Lights" by aczuprynski
    Judge’s Comment: “This perfectly focused portrait of the lead singer of rock group Get the Led Out captures a wonderfully pensive (and maybe melancholic?) moment with a great balance of (few) elements and diagonal lines.“
  5. ‘The Blues’ – Honorable Mention B

    “Deep Blue” by Anton. Lef.
    Judge’s Comment: “Who doesn’t like aqua blue? This image beautifully shows the loneliness of the sole swimmer immersed in ultimate blueness.“
  6. ‘The Blues’ – Honorable Mention C

    “Behind Blue Eyes” by mariakras
    Judge’s Comment: “The power of this image comes from the fact that while the blue eye is relatively small compared to what’s around it, there is no doubt about what the subject is, and the viewer immediately focuses on it.“



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