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PhoozL Points – 2013 Top 10 Overall- PhoozL


PhoozL Points – 2013 Top 10 Overall

Here are the FINAL standings in overall PhoozL Points for 2013. PhoozL Points are a way to score how many Wins and Honorable Mentions a member accumulates with his/her image submissions. The higher the point total, the more contest judges liked and recognized the images. This Top 10 tally includes the winners of any 2013 Super-Judged Photo Contests, Photo Assignments, “Weekly Wednesdays,” Cash Prize Pools, and any other contest category we dreamed up (with frequency-adjusted points) during the year. Overall PhoozL Points Winners determine the 2013 PhoozL Awards and the Photographer of the Year.

(FINAL as of January 2, 2014)

1.Mikael Sundberg600
2.Kay Beausoleil420
3.Stefano M355
5.Lesley Ackman250
6.nance kay235
8.leka huie180
9.Sandra A.-B.170


Including these Super-Judged and Cash Prize Pool contests:

‘Beauty’ (table below)
(click here for full results)
David M.M. Taffeta1st Place35
Lesley Ackman2nd Place30
Stefano M3rd Place25
skinselHonorable Mention15
Jose R. MorenoHonorable Mention15
rodriguezjrvHonorable Mention15


‘Pets in B&W’ (table below)
(click here for full results)
Mikael Sundberg1st Place35
pndogs2nd Place25
etcheverry3rd Place20
David M. M. TaffetHonorable Mention15
LarryHonorable Mention15
AnnaCHonorable Mention15
Mikey CounselmanHonorable Mention15
reidjam7Honorable Mention15
tralalaHonorable Mention15


‘Show the Song: Spirit of the ’60s’ (table below)
(click here for full results)
Charlena1st Place75
Kay Beausoleil2nd Place55
Sonia23rd Overall35
michris3Honorable Mention20
Mikael SundbergHonorable Mention20
Ann ParkerHonorable Mention20
Marcia ChanHonorable Mention20
aggieHonorable Mention20
katiebauerHonorable Mention20


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