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Photo Scavenger Hunt – At Home- PhoozL


Photo Scavenger Hunt – At Home

Submit up to nine (9) images relating to the list of target subjects below. One image per subject ONLY. Note that the Hunt has a sub-theme: ‘At Home,’ meaning that all images should be found or captured at or around your home AND also capture the essence of the target subjects.

List of ‘Photo Hunt – At Home’ Target Subjects:
— 1. Sunlight
— 2. Glass
— 3. Food
— 4. Yellow
— 5. Room
— 6. Up Close
— 7. Dark
— 8. Round
— 9. You! (any part, within reason!)
REMEMBER: 1 image per subject; 1 subject per image. Up to 9 images max. ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Put target subject name in file name like this: sunlight_xxxxxxxxx.jpg AND/OR put in submission Title.

CONTEST JUDGE: Harald Johnson, art/creative director; publisher; creator, PhoozL

Submissions Open: Nov 14 – Nov 28, 2012 (Wed to Wed)
***NOTE: this contest extends to 2 weeks due to U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.***

Max Submits per Member: Nine (9); one max per target subject
Eligibility: open to all logged-in PhoozL members, worldwide; submitted images may not be Winners or Honorable Mentions in any prior PhoozL contests.
Submission Fee: none! (and worth every penny!)
Capture Date: no matter – new or archived
Image Specs: Any format. Color, B&W, or tinted. Plus the usual PhoozL submission rules (visible when Submit button is clicked)
Image Editing Restrictions: none
Image Marking – IMPORTANT: Put target subject name in file name and/or in submission Title
Scoring: 1 pt per subject completion; extra points for subject winners; highest scores win.
Contest Winners: Top 3 + 3 Honorable Mentions selected by the Judge
Watermarking images allowed?: yes, up to photographer
Prizes: award icons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, plus Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points for winners. And glory and admiration of your peers!
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Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points: Follow the Winners of this contest series in the Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points.

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