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Nighttime Nature- PhoozL


Nighttime Nature

Submit up to three (3) images relating to or displaying the essence of the theme. Nature (landscapes, wildlife, plants, and other non-human natural features) is a favorite subject of photographers and always has been. Usually thought of in the context of the daylight hours, we’re flipping the subject around to nighttime, or the time between early evening and morning; the time of darkness. Under moonlight or not. May include the darker side of twilight but the sun must be well below the horizon. Show us your best of nighttime nature! The judge will be looking for images that illustrate the theme in interesting ways that engage the viewer; plus normal judging criteria of: originality and creativity, photo technique and/or quality, and overall artistic merit. 12/16 ADDED CLARIFICATION of Judging Criteria: Make sure the primary subject of the image is Nature (at night). Human elements may be present but only if enhancing the story of Nature. Nature must be the focus. And no garden plants please.

CONTEST JUDGE: David Gubernick is a California fine-art photographer whose approach to photography is derived from his love of nature and is based upon his emotional response to the beauty and magic that he sees before him. David has exhibited in galleries and museums, and his photography has won awards in local, national, and international competitions. His images have been published in ads, magazines, books, calendars, and websites, and his first photography book, “Wildflowers of Monterey County,” was published in 2002. David enjoys helping others with their photography by offering photo workshops and individual coaching. Visit his website at: Rainbow Spirit Photography.

Submissions Open: Dec 11 – 18, 2013 (Wed to Wed)
Max Submits per Member: Three (3)
Eligibility: open to all logged-in PhoozL members, worldwide; submitted images may not be Winners or Honorable Mentions (or otherwise displayed on Results or Showcase pages) in any prior PhoozL contests.
Submission Fee: none (and worth every penny!)
Capture Date: no matter – new or archived
Image Rights & Usage: Clearly stated at bottom of every page on this site. No “rights grabbing” here!
Image Specs: digital submissions; RGB image mode. Maximum 1200pxl on longest side; max 2MB file size.
Image Editing Restrictions: none
Contest Winners: Top 3 + 3 Honorable Mentions selected by the Judge (each winning photographer/submitter is unique if enough qualified entries).
Watermarking images allowed?: yes, up to photographer; subtle is better
Prizes: custom icons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, plus Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points for all 6 winners. And glory and admiration of your peers!
Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points: Follow the Winners of this contest series in the Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points.
Additional Rules are available here.

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