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Site Tips, Tricks & Cheats- PhoozL


Site Tips, Tricks & Cheats

[Note: this is an ever-evolving page as the site changes]
Some parts of this PhoozL site are a little tricky, or shall we say “unique.” So this page attempts to identify some of that and help answer questions you may have about your PhoozL experience. And you can always send us a message using the Contact Us form at bottom of every page.

Sign Ups, Logins, etc.

We get hit by spammers regularly. To help thwart them we make Signing Up (“registering”) a little hard. It’s the price to pay to keep the spammers at bay. If you’re having any problems with Signing Up or Logging In, send us a Contact Us message and we’ll try to help you.

ABOVE: This is where your Log In status is. If it says “My Account”, you’re logged in.

Site Navigation

Besides any links you might see, the main navigation action is on the “Tab Menus” just under the main PhoozL logo (see above). Get to know these tab menus and drop-down sub-menus!

Submitting Photos

Sometimes people have trouble submitting photos. Here are the main problems we’ve seen. If you’re having trouble, check these first…

Pix Too Big

The most common problem is not following our Submission Guidelines (found on every Submit page and also in Rules and FAQs). Here is the key point: Maximum total file size of each submitted photo is limited to 2 MB, with the longest-side dimension limited to 1200 pixels. Images that exceed one or both of these limits will probably be kicked out of the system. This is on purpose so we don’t overload our servers or the patience of other users as they wait for large files to open up. There are plenty of software applications (some expensive, some free) that will help you reduce file sizes or pixel dimensions. Just search the web for them.

And notice the last bullet in the illustration above: ‘You will receive a “Success” message when a successful upload is made.’

Don’t Use Symbols

Another common mistake is to use symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.) in image file names or submission fields. The file names are especially important. So do NOT number your file names like this: xxxxxx_#1.jpg. Instead, do it like this: xxxxxx_1.jpg.

Gallery Pages

The main contest gallery pages show 12 image thumbnails per page. And unlike most photo sites, the thumbnails show the images with their correct, full-frame aspect ratios intact. We think that’s the right way to do it.

BELOW: There are three “Sort by:”s at the top: Most Recent, Most Views, and Photographer. The default is “Most Recent” with the latest submission showing at top left. Every earlier submission appears to the right of that in order. “Most Views” is just what it says. “By Photographer” works in grouping a photographer’s images together, but the ordering of that grouping by the alphabet isn’t quite there. We’re working on it.


The Photo Detail pages (viewimg.php) show each submitted image on its own page (SEE BELOW). Each image gets a unique page with a unique URL address and unique ID. You can see an image’s unique ID in the address bar preceded by the letters: img_id=xxxx (red arrow). All you have to do is change the IDs and you can jump between images, including your own!

Circled above are the “Previous entry” (left) and “Next entry” (right) buttons/arrows. Both move you to the next image in the Gallery, but realize that it’s in the order of submission by date/time. Some people prefer to just use the “Back to Gallery” link to move around the Galleries.

And don’t forget that you can click into the images, and they will magically display in a larger size (if submitted larger). This way, you can really study the photos!

We need to refine some of the Photo Data (EXIF) lines as they don’t always show the correct or easy-to-read info (SEE BELOW). Working on it!


Comments & Profiles

PhoozL uses the popular DISQUS commenting system found on many cool sites and blogs. You can see (and add to) the comments at the bottom of many pages (ABOVE), which may also display the comment excerpts in the right sidebars.


You can make a comment in several ways: (A) as a Guest (see 3 steps ABOVE); (B) by registering with Disqus; or (C) by connecting to your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account or your DISQUS identity (the blue D button).

The only tricky part is that your DISQUS profile is not the same as your PhoozL profile, unless you want it to be. We suggest you make them the same if you want people to find you more easily. Just use the same username and avatar. (BTW: you can subscribe to a comment thread and also share it)



No rights grabbing here! You retain the rights (including copyright) to your photographs. Period. However, by submitting or uploading images here, including entering contests or competitions, you grant PhoozL a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide license to reproduce and display your submissions, and any related content submitted by you, but ONLY in connection with the contests or this site, including publication highlighting contest entries or winners.


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Orthographers take note! Correct spelling is PhoozL or Phoozl, NOT Phoozle, Phooz1, or Phoozi. You have been warned!

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