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PhoozL Phorums

A forum is a place for open discussion. And PhoozL Phorums (we couldn’t just call them “Forums,” could we?!) is where you can add your comments (and in some cases, your images), ask questions, and interact with other PhoozL members (and the Admins, too). And it’s a great place to share and learn. Join in! (NOTE: to view, post, and really get involved, you’ll need to Log In or Sign Up as a member – see “Sign Up” link at top left. Don’t worry, it’s free and easy.)

PhorumsShare & LearnPhoozL Phorums

1 Posts 1 Topics

Phorums Guidelines

What you need to know.

44 Posts 13 Topics

PhoozL Contests & Assignments

For discussing the official photo contests and photo assignments on PhoozL.

329 Posts 81 Topics


Member and Pro critiques of your photos.

36 Posts 7 Topics

Photo Techniques & Equipment

Questions, Answers, Information, Speculation.

18 Posts 5 Topics

The Art of Photography

What’s art? Who knows, but let’s talk about it!

19 Posts 9 Topics

Share Your Shots

Share your best or latest images. Show off a little!

8 Posts 5 Topics


Mobileography, iPhoneography, Instagram, Hipstamatic… anything mobile.

14 Posts 5 Topics


Olio means “a varied collection.” A little this, a little that. Whatever.

12 Posts 6 Topics

The PhoozL Lounge

Pull up a chair and discuss photo-related topics. And introduce yourselves!

4 Posts 3 Topics

Website Issues, Feedback, Suggestions

Just like it says… Tell us what you think and help us improve!

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No rights grabbing here! You retain the rights (including copyright) to your photographs. Period. However, by submitting or uploading images here, including entering contests or competitions, you grant PhoozL a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide license to reproduce and display your submissions, and any related content submitted by you, but ONLY in connection with the contests or this site, including publication highlighting contest entries or winners.


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