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PhoozL Photo Pros

This unique group of professional photographers and photo-industry experts provide feedback to PhoozL members who are open to receiving it. This can include: photo critiques, comments, and also semi-final or even final judging on contests and assignments. Note that not all PhoozL Photo Pros are available all the time, but they offer their inputs when they can, all with the goal of helping you become a better photographer.

  1. Mike Pasini

    Mike Pasini publishes Pasini's Photo Corners where he covers the evolving photographic landscape in his uniquely entertaining and educational way. He recently published A Visit to Yosemite, an interactive ebook, and is working on several other titles for publication this year. From 1999 to 2012 he edited the influential and long-running Imaging Resource Digital Photography Newsletter. In addition to reviewing digicams, printers, scanners, accessories and software for the newsletter, he also wrote image and data processing software to help run the site. Prior to that, he worked as a lithographer (not to mention an offset press operator), photojournalist and art director. Mike is a native of San Francisco, where he can be found wandering the streets and hills — almost always behind a camera.
  2. Andrew Darlow

    Andrew Darlow is an author, photographer and consultant based in New Jersey, U.S. He has lectured and conducted seminars and workshops around the world, and his editorial and fine-art work have been featured in numerous magazines, including Photo District News, Popular Photography, Professional Photographer and Rangefinder magazine. Andrew is editor of The Imaging Buffet (www.imagingbuffet.com), an online resource with news, reviews, and interviews covering photo-related topics. He is the author of two award-winning books: "301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers" (Course Technology, PTR), and "Pet Photography 101: Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog or Cat" (Focal Press). Andrew publishes the "Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter," which is available for free to subscribers at imagingbuffet.com/newsletter. He also shares photo news and tips on Facebook at facebook.com/andrewdarlow.
  3. Margo T. Pinkerton

    Margo Taussig Pinkerton, a.k.a. The Barefoot Contessa, got her first camera at age eight and has been photographing and traveling with a passion ever since. Starting out as a location and stock photographer for advertising, corporate, travel, and outdoor clients in the early 80s, she has given numerous photo workshops and lectures and led many photo adventures. Her work has appeared in calendars, coffee-table books, and magazines worldwide, including GEO and National Geographic Traveler. Margo's photographs have won numerous awards over the years and are in private collections worldwide. Margo and her husband, Arnie Zann, run photography workshops (Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures) in great locations with a maximum ratio of six students to each instructor. Known for helping people really advance in their photography, they teach students not only about the magic of light, but effective composition, seeking one’s own vision, and thinking outside of the box.
  4. C. David Tobie

    C. David Tobie has been involved in color management and digital imaging since their early development. David has worked to see affordable solutions put in place for graphic design, prepress, photography and digital imaging, and then taught users how best to utilize them. He has consulted internationally for a wide range of color-related companies, and is best known by photographers for his writing and technical editing of texts and periodicals for the photo industry such as "Mastering Digital Printing," and Professional Photographer magazine, and his seminars on color and imaging at photographic workshop around the globe. David is currently Global Product Technology Manager at Datacolor datacolor.com, where he develops new products and features for their Spyder spyder.datacolor.com line of calibration tools. David’s recent writing can be found at his photography blog: cdtobie.wordpress.com, and samples of his photography can be seen at: cdtobie.com.
  5. Chris Wormald

    Chris Wormald has been a photographer all his working life. Many years later he is just as enthusiastic about photography, despite the fact that the industry has undergone seismic changes. Chris was already a working photographer in Cornwall (UK) before attending Derby College of Art/Trent Poly and gaining his ABIPP qualification, specialising in architectural photography. Working on large, then medium format, 35mm, and now digital only, Chris has kept pace with his medium. And he believes that Digital Photography, if taken seriously, is capable of producing superb and subtle results, getting better every year as technology improves. Editorial photography with Architectural and Travel leanings float Chris’ boat, and after a period of teaching photography in a further- and higher- education college whilst gaining his Cert Ed, he loves encouraging people of all ages to become better photographers. In addition to his many contributions here on PhoozL, Chris writes on photography at chriswormald.wordpress.com.
  6. David Saffir

    David Saffir is an internationally recognized, award-winning portrait, commercial, and fine-art photographer and printmaker. He lives near Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley, California, and he teaches workshops throughout the year. David is also the author of the book "Mastering Digital Color: A Photographer's and Artist's Guide to Controlling Color," published by Thomson/Cengage. His second book, "The Joy of Discovery," is a large-format photography book. David has an informative blog that offers a wide range of tips, tricks, and tutorials for photographers and those who wish to improve their inkjet printing: http://davidsaffir.wordpress.com. His website is www.davidsaffir.com, and PhoozL is pleased to have David as a frequent contributor, judge, and mission-taker.
  7. Wayne Cosshall

    Wayne J. Cosshall is the publisher of Digital ImageMaker International (www.dimagemaker.com), author of "Photography Wisdom" in book and app for iPad form, and is involved in a number of other Internet publishing ventures. He is a publisher to all mediums and has a professional photography business in Australia. Wayne has written for most of the major Australian photography and design magazines, along with a fair number of the U.S. ones. He has edited Desktop magazine and been the editor of Print21 magazine, which covered the printing industry and, before that, editor of Digital Photography & Design magazine and Capture, a professional photography magazine. Wayne has exhibited his photography and digital art in group and solo shows within Australia, including invitational survey shows, and internationally. He was Assistant Director of the prestigious International Digital Art Awards for 5 years and has curated several institutional exhibitions. 
  8. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith is a British photographer who lives in New York City and is represented by Rick Wester Fine Art. He attended the International Center of Photography in 2000 and completed his studies in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. In 2004 Jonathan was awarded the second "Design Trust Photo Urbanism" project fellowship. He produced "The Bridge Project," a photographic study of New York City bridges throughout the five boroughs. He is recognized as a "PDN 30" winner and was a recipient of the Magenta Foundation's "Flash Forward" award. Jonathan was also a winner of Blurb's "Photography Book Now" competition. Most recently he was a winner of the Hearst 8x10 Biennial in New York, and he is a PDN Annual winner. See his website at Jonathan Smith Photography and read his PhoozL Photo Tip about "Night Photography" here.
  9. Harald Johnson

    Harald Johnson has been immersed in the worlds of photography, art, and publishing for more than 30 years. A former professional photographer, designer, publisher, and creative director, Harald is the author of the groundbreaking book series: “Mastering Digital Printing,” the founder of the world’s largest discussion group on digital art, and the creator/founder of the brand PhoozL. Harald is also a marketing and imaging/printing consultant and for 9 years provided strategic, marketing/ communications, and operational services to Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Imaging & Printing Group (IPG), GSB, and Large Format Printing groups through a range of positions and roles, worldwide. Just think of Harald as your Head Phoozleer!


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