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Featured: Christina Børding- PhoozL


Featured: Christina Børding

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Christina Børding found PhoozL during its running of the Alphabetography Photo Contest on Facebook in 2011. Christina’s images immediately caught our attention and that of the judges, who awarded her a second-place overall prize in the Winter 2010/2011 contest. Let’s have a chat with Christina about her love of photography…


PHOOZL: Where is home?

CHRISTINA: Home is in Oslo (Norway) with my hubby and my yellow labrador, Guy.




How long have you been involved with photography? What got you started?

Thanks to EXIF data I can tell you to the minute when I got hooked on photography: December 21st 2006 at 15:22 pm! That was the day I took my first good picture (see image below). I was walking through the park surrounding the royal castle and saw this woman in front of me. I had my party camera (a Cyber-shot DSC-P200) with me and snapped this photo. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but the kick that photo gave me got me started. I bought a Leica camera at the airport the day after when I was going home to my parent’s in Denmark to celebrate Christmas. I took almost 10,000 pictures the first year with that camera! I still regret selling it.




How did you get your photo education? School or self-taught? Workshops? Books? Or…

After snapping away in all directions for a year I signed up at Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. I have also participated in several workshops and have had some one-on-one tutoring with Norwegian photographer Andreas Øverland. Also, I read a lot about photography and use tutorials online, but I believe the best way to learn is by experimenting and take lots and lots of photos.




How does photography fit into your life? We know you do some professional work, but how much? What’s the balance?

I have a full-time job and run my photography business on the side (I work almost 50% on photography in addition to my other job). I have enough photography work to do it full-time, but I find that I lose the joy in photography when I do that, as I then have to take all the jobs I can get (including the really boring ones). I love photography way too much to lose the joy and energy I get from it. I also happen to work in a company (www.finn.no) that has won “Great Place to Work” in both 2011 and 2012 so I feel that I get the best from both worlds this way.




What equipment do you use? And how do you do your image-editing?

I love Nikon! I have a D300 and a D700 and a ton of lenses. My favorites are my Nikkor105mm and my 24-70mm. I have also started doing a little analog work with my 35mm Olympus Trip. And I do almost all my editing in Adobe Lightroom.




We see mobile photos on your Facebook and Flickr pages. How do you like mobileography? How do you use it?

I enjoy photographing with my phone. When I started photographing I always had my camera with me. Now my gear is a lot bigger and heavier, and I don’t drag it around all the time. My phone is always with me and there are some pretty cool apps for editing. My favorite one is Camera+ which covers most of my needs.


Who or what has inspired or influenced you and your photography?

Looking at David LaChapelle’s work inspires me a lot. I hardly ever do extreme stuff like him, but looking at his photos gives me a different perspective on things. Flickr has influenced me a lot, too. Looking at other photographers’ photos and getting feedback and help in the forums can give me good motivation.




Do you have any advice for others who want to make photography a bigger part of their lives?

Take a lot of photos! Photograph the same motif from different angles and evaluate your photos. Experiment with different apertures and shutter speeds. Register at Flickr.com (and here at PhoozL, of course!) and find groups of people who are interested in the same kind of photography you are and ask them for feedback and advice. Use online tutorials for learning new stuff — you can find free tutorials on almost anything! If you like to shoot people, ask your friends to model for you or look for groups on Facebook for models and photographers. There are plenty of people who are willing to model in exchange for photos (sometimes called “Trade for Prints” or now with digital: “Time for Photo). And again: take lots and lots of photo! :)




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