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2012 PhoozL Awards- PhoozL


2012 PhoozL Awards

After a May, 2012, launch, PhoozL stayed busy by hosting 44 different photo contests of all sizes to close off the year. And what a great contest season it was! Just under 6,000 contest photos were submitted by hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiasts from more than 50 different countries. The range of photo quality and substance was astounding, and the 26 different judges were equally impressed. Congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions, thanks to all our wonderful judges, and we thank all who participated in PhoozL’s first contest year!

These 2012 PhoozL Awards are based on a point system by which PhoozL Points were awarded to photographers who were chosen as Winners or Honorable Mentions by the different contest judges in all contests and challenges. The point totals are given below. To see all the different PhoozL Points points rankings in more depth:
PhoozL Points: 2012 Top 10
PhoozL Points: “Weekly Wednesdays”
PhoozL Points: Insta Alphabetography A-Z
PhoozL Points: Photo Assignments
PhoozL Points: Super-Judged Photo Contests

So here are your 2012 PhoozL Award Winners…

2012 PhoozL Photographer of the Year

Talya Arbisser (photosbytalya)

freelance photographer
Houston, Texas, USA
#1 in Overall PhoozL Points: 260

Talya discovered PhoozL in May, 2012, and immediately showed her stuff by submitting strong contest images that many times interpreted the themes in clever ways. Talya’s consistent participation across multiple contest categories every month, including both mobile (Instagram) and “regular” (DSLR type), helped position her for numerous judging selections, which kept adding up her PhoozL Points. Of course, having great images helped, too! In the Insta Alphabetography A-Z (Instagram) contest series, she was the most prolific Top 3 winner with 11 Top 3 selections by the different judges (out of 26 letters). And in the “Weekly Wednesdays” contests, she was only behind Mikael Sundberg with the most judges’ selections for either Top 3 or Honorable Mention (6 total). So we congratulate Talya Arbisser (photosbytalya) as our inaugural PhoozL Photographer of the Year!

Just a few of Talya’s judge-selected winning images:

Prizes for the 2012 Photographer of the Year…

Aperture Magazine – One-Year Gift Subscription
APERTURE: Speaking the Language of Photography
(ARV: $75USD U.S. or $105USD International)

Frame Destination – $50 Gift Certificate (U.S. only)
Your source for fine-art photo frames.
(ARV: $50)

Red River Paper –
$25 Gift Certificate & Inkjet Photo Paper Sample Kit

Premium Photographic Inkjet Papers
(ARV: $37.99)

(Prizes are only available where allowed or in compliance with national, regional, or local laws.
 No substitution, exchange or transfer of prize by Winner. Prize Winner is solely responsible for any and all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use.


‘Weekly Wednesdays’ Photo Contests

An ongoing contest series where each Wednesday brought a new theme and a new judge. It was always a new challenge. And a reason to look forward to the middle of the week! (Catch up with the 2013 edition going on now.)
(Click here to see the complete Winners Showcase – Weekly Wednesdays)

(photo by Mikael Sundberg in Weekly Wednesdays – ‘White’ – judge: C. David Tobie)

1. Mikael Sundberg

PhoozL Points for this category: 130
Another consistent submitter, Mikael (from Sweden) had the most judged winners (10) in this contest category. In fact, he did not receive a judge’s selection only twice out of 12 Weekly Wednesdays contests!

2. Talya Arbisser

PhoozL Points for this category: 100
A solid showing by our overall winner in this category.

3. Sandra A.-B.

PhoozL Points for this category: 95
Only one win behind Talya, Sandra started off strong and finished strong.


Insta Alphabetography A-Z Photo Contests

Another weekly contest, this one challenged photographers to submit photos that were associated with the active letter in play (a new letter of the alphabet each week, A-Z). And it was all done using Instagram, the mobile photo sharing platform (and linked back to PhoozL).
(Click here to see the complete Winners Showcase – Insta Alphabetography A-Z)

(photo by Talya Arbisser in Insta Alphabetography – ‘Z’ – judge: Carel van Apeldoorn)

1. Talya Arbisser (photosbytalya)

PhoozL Points for this category: 160
Talya had the highest number of winner selections in this series (11) with an impressive 3 First Places.

2. adamdean

PhoozL Points for this category: 120
Adam battled with Talya throughout this contest period (in a good-natured way!). Talya only passed him near the end.

3. wungenz

PhoozL Points for this category: 105
A strong photographer from Italy with well-crafted images.


Photo Assignments

There were only two Photo Assignments in 2012. Each was a fanciful photo challenge given and judged by a photo expert.
(Click here to see the complete Winners Showcase – Photo Assignments)

(photo by Alison Foxall in Photo Assignment – ‘Pet Art Show’ – judge: Andrew Darlow)

1. Alison Foxall

PhoozL Points for this category: 125
Alison took first place in the ‘Pet Art Show’ assignment showcasing her dog Zuri.

1. Brian Pflanz

PhoozL Points for this category: 125
Tied for first place, Brian scored winning images in both of the assignments.

3. Tanguero Chino

PhoozL Points for this category: 105
This Canadian photographer (who is also one of PhoozL’s Featured Photographers) took first place in the first ‘After Dark’ assignment.


Super-Judged Photo Contests

PhoozL’s “super-judged” photo contests are called that both for the level of the head judges (some were legendary photographers) and also because of the two-part judging process that occurs. These were typically the longest-running contests with only four occurring in the eight months PhoozL was alive in 2012.
(Click here to see the complete Winners Showcase – Super-Judged Photo Contests)

(photo by zarnoosheh in Super-Judged Photo Contest – ‘Travel Photography’
judge: Margo Taussig Pinkerton)

1. zarnoosheh

PhoozL Points for this category: 150
Zarnoosheh was judged in the Top 3 in two different Super-Judged contests: ‘Travel’ and ‘The Portrait’.

2. aliusmanwahyuhidayat

PhoozL Points for this category: 100
Indonesian Ali Usman’s portrait of the man with the deflated globe was Albert Watson’s clear favorite.

2. Matt Potenski

PhoozL Points for this category: 100
Matt’s “Whale Shark and Sardines” was judge Daniel J. Cox’s favorite.

2. Raj Lalwani

PhoozL Points for this category: 100
Indian Raj Lalwani was the winner of the first S-J contest, judged by Joel Meyerowitz.

2. high evolutionary

PhoozL Points for this category: 100
The only other photographer to score wins in two different Super-Judged contests.




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