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Show the Song – Spirit of the ‘60s- PhoozL


Show the Song – Spirit of the ‘60s


Photo Contest Summary

It’s music appreciation time! Take any song TITLE from the 1960s Classic Rock period and represent or interpret it with your photography, new or old. IMPORTANT: be sure to include the song’s TITLE in your photo submission title; that’s how we will identify which song you are showing. Here’s one source of ‘60s rock song titles (you are free to use others): www.digitaldreamdoor.com
JUDGE’S TIP: Assuming theme relevance, the images will be judged first of all on their artistic* merit, i.e., is it a good photograph? This includes the elements of photo technique and originality. NOTE: judging is based on individual images, not groupings. The judge is looking not only for interpretations of ‘60s classic rock music but is also looking for a connection to the underlying spirituality of the ‘60s Flower Power/Hippie movement. Think Woodstock 1969!

(*The judge would like to be clear that he can only give his opinion about the artistic merit of an image, and that his opinion is not as important as your own evaluation of the work. So if your photo is not chosen, it should mean less to you than your own love of the image you have created.)

SUBMISSIONS OPEN: February 18 — March 24, 2013 (GMT-5)
More Rules & Instructions
  • Submit up to FIVE (5) photos relating to contest theme (see summary).
  • Eligibility: open to all logged-in PhoozL members, 18+, worldwide; submitted images may not be Winners or Honorable Mentions in any prior PhoozL contests. (For ‘Photo Hunts’, this means cannot be one of the images displayed in Results or Winners Showcase; all others not displayed are OK to submit)
  • Entry Fee: ***SPECIAL NOTE: this is a Premium (paid-entry) contest (our first)! You will be asked to pay the $5 USD submission fee after clicking the Submit Your Photos button or link. You pay only once for up to 5 submissions, which you can upload throughout the contest period. (PayPal or credit/debit cards accepted. *PayPal has certain restrictions on making payments from certain countries; visit this page to learn more.)
  • Capture Date: does not matter – new or archived
  • Image Specs: Digital only. Any format. Color, B&W, or tinted. Plus the usual PhoozL submission rules (visible under Submit buttons)
  • Image Manipulation Restrictions: none
  • Watermarking images allowed?: Yes, up to photographer
  • Contest Winners: Top 3 + Honorable Mentions selected by Elliott Landy
  • Prizes: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd place prizes; custom award icons; Winners Showcase; EXTRA PhoozL Points for winners. See Prizes page.
  • Join the Phorum discussion about this contest.
  • Follow the Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points for PhoozL contests.

About the Judge

Elliott Landy is best known for his iconic photographs of rock musicians and as official photographer of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. He knows his ‘60s music! His photographs have appeared on the covers of such magazines as Rolling Stone, LIFE, and The Saturday Evening Post. Landy’s portraits have also graced the covers of many of the best-known albums of the era, including such classics as Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline,” Van Morrison’s “Moondance,” and The Band’s second album, “The Band.” Elliott still lives in Woodstock, New York. For more info about Elliott including his fine-art prints: landyvision.com

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