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Gallery – Letter ‘Z’- PhoozL


Gallery – Letter ‘Z’

Instagram hashtag: #phoozl_z

This Letter Period’s challenge is now COMPLETED. In fact, the entire contest has now ended. No more letters! So check out the main links below to the main pages including the Winners Showcase and the final Phoozl Points scores. Want more contests like this?

‘Z’ LETTER JUDGE: Carel van Apeldoorn, CEO of www.ink360.com

ABOVE: The Winners!

FOUNDER’S OVERALL COMMENTS (+ see individual winner comments by clicking on images below):
“Three great images selected by the final judge (Carel van Apeldoorn) for the final letter of this ‘Insta Alphabetography A-Z’ photo contest. Congrats to all the contest winners, and thanks to all who participated, including the many judges, over the past 6 months. It was a blast. If you liked what you saw here and want something similar (or different) to appear as a contest, leave a note below or even better, send us an email at: info@phoozl.com. We’re planning, plotting, and scheming about future contests and challenges. And keep Phoozling! :)
— Harald Johnson, Founder, PhoozL

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