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Gallery – Letter ‘K’- PhoozL


Gallery – Letter ‘K’

Instagram hashtag: #phoozl_k

This Letter Period’s challenge is now COMPLETED.

See next open letter in the Alphabet (“L” if you forgot your ABCs!).

“K” LETTER JUDGE: Kevin O’Connor – pro photographer, designer, color management expert


JUDGE’S OVERALL COMMENTS (+ see individual winner comments by clicking on images below):
“Thanks to all who entered. Impressive skills were demonstrated with some beautiful points of view in these images. Some images were lovely but didn’t offer any hint as to why they were entered in the “K” contest. If it wasn’t obvious or hinted at in the captions/comments, it was disqualified.

“Some categories had lots of entries (kids, kisses) and some showed nice creative approaches to “K”. Shoutouts to Keyboards, Koi, Kicks, the K shape in the fence, and Kickback. To all those who combined a K subject with another K in some form, special kudos.

“As it happened, all the winners were of Kids. They won in spite of choosing an overdone subject (has anyone NOT taken photos of kids?)—but they showed us kids in a new light with great impact. Some of the non-kids shots were compliant with the theme but needed more exploration to create an impactful, winning image that would be a true winner. Some shots best matching the theme were incorrectly focused or badly composed and could have been easily improved with a touch of effort. A refresher course on the Rule of Thirds might be a good thing for some submitters.”
— Kevin O’Connor

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