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Gallery – Letter ‘D’- PhoozL


Gallery – Letter ‘D’

Instagram hashtag: #phoozl_d

This Letter Period’s challenge is now COMPLETED. See next open letter in the Alphabet (“E” if you forgot your ABCs!).

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“D” LETTER JUDGE: C. David Tobie, Global Product Technology Manager, Imaging Color Solutions, Datacolor Inc. www.datacolor.com


JUDGE’S OVERALL COMMENTS (+ see more individual winner comments by clicking on images below):
Clearly “Dog” is the most popular “D” word. With many submissions the “D” word jumped right out at the viewer: “dragon”, “dinosaur”, “drink”. With a few, there were numerous keywords, NONE of which started with “D”. I was looking for a fairly powerful “D” relationship, as well as a graphically powerful image, good composition, with additional marks for good color (or lack thereof), humor or other emotive qualities.

I began by reviewing all “Dog” images, waiting a minute, and thinking about which of these I remembered. I filtered those few down to “essence of Dog”, with madmagpie’s dramatic B&W portrait of a small dog, shot from below, against moody clouds. The degree of cloud texture does not match with the level of abstraction and texture in the rest of the image, but overall its a strong composition, with humor, compassion, interest and attitude. The same photographer’s “Dog Eating Icecream” is also a great image, with a strong color palette, and an amusing concept, but not quite enough “Dog” in it; it could almost be a “Cat”. raehorsley’s “Dog Sleeping on Red” is also a powerful composition, with excellent use of color and great emotional content.

Other animals: ckokal’s “Dinosaur” is a powerful graphic, with interesting use of a blurred background to keep the eye on the dinosaur skeleton. I suspect this is a composite, but not an objectionable one. The Devil carved into a jack-o-lantern is also excellent graphically, and in terms of color and dynamic range.

People: y4ssv’s “Diver” failed to focus on the diver, so might have been better submitted for “fish” or “school” though thats a bit abstract for an “S” word. picsnapr’s “Dad” is essential dad, but not a captivating image. abmyn’s B&W study of the human face is an excellent image, but again, there is no clear “D” essence in it. TIP: To me, if there is to be a theme, the images can’t just be nice images, they must have an essence of that letter, that’s not too far-fetched to come to mind when looking at the image.

Next I looked at landscapes, street and related images. r0nen’s skyscape looking into the sun is a compelling and interesting image as was r0nen’s city skyline, but there is no clear “D” context, as “Daylight is not really what the images most clearly describe. billy_brrr’s door is a good “flat graphic with texture” but not a great one. photosbytalya’s door detail has wonderful color, detail, and reflections but the composition is a bit weak and cropping a bit arbitrary. no cereal’s “DoorKnocker” is not quite on a square, but not quite off square, and is not quite black-and-white, but no real graphic logic to the colors. From this group, I’d choose r0nen’s skyscape with flag, if only there was a clear “D” meaning in it. “Disney Concert Hall” is a fairly weak concept for “D” but the image composition is good enough to deserve an honorable mention anyways.

Macros and other images came next. Mollyollyoxenfre created an graphically excellent “drum” montage with though provoking patterns and perspectives in the series of images. But beware; when multiple images are used, the relationships between them becomes the key complonent. rosecamilleee shot a pretty clear “essence of Doughnut” shot, but it is not quite strong enough as an overall image to compete with a few others in the overall contest. The same goes for thatredhairedgirl’s “Drink” shot. r0nen’s “Drawing” image is interesting, but not as powerful as some other r0nen images; which is too bad as it definitely channels “Drawing”… —- C. David Tobie

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