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‘Celebration’ – Talya Arbisser- PhoozL


‘Celebration’ – Talya Arbisser

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3rd Place Overall: Talya Arbisser

Judge’s Comment: “A somewhat exotic series that tell a tale of colorful lights by night. There are some great individual images in this series that form quite a cohesive whole to tell an interesting story.”

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Target Subject: Celebration Still Life
Image Title/Description: Menorah lit for the eighth night of Hanukkah. Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Festive Lights
Image Title/Description: My friend traipsing through a forest of lights on Christmas Eve in Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Silhouette
Image Title/Description: The fringed silhouette from the inside of the zebra car looking out during the New Year’s Eve Art Car parade in Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: The Street
Image Title/Description: New Year’s Eve Art Car revelry… Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Group Celebrating
Image Title/Description: The insane fire cracker hat donned right after the stroke of midnight (start of 2013). This couple were also celebrating their 1-year anniversary! Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Night Scene
Image Title/Description: Christmas Eve light viewers posing for portraits – Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Portrait (Human and Car)
Image Title/Description: Dressed up just prior to the Art Car parade on New Year’s Eve. Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Red
Image Title/Description: Bow and candy cane trees… Houston, Texas.

Target Subject: Presents, Gifts, Offerings
Image Title/Description: A gift (or very special offering) from a friend for a group of us to drink to celebrate the end of the world – or lack there of… Houston, Texas.


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