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RESULTS: ‘White’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘White’

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This was a deceptively challenging contest theme, as judge C. David Tobie explains:

“Photography, in essence, is light, on forms, in space. An image may have a lot of white or near white in it, and yet not speak about white at all, if it does not speak about white as light, on forms in space. In this contest, lots of snow, but not much to say about white. A white church, but somehow it doesn’t speak about white. This is perhaps the most subjective contest I have every judged, as I was looking for images that spoke about white to me, that channelled white, that offered an iconic white image; while of course meeting other expectations of interest and composition. And yet, despite a career in color management, I am not exactly sure what makes an image “iconically white.” I’m tempted to quote that U.S. Supreme Court Justice who claimed he didn’t have a definition for pornography, but he knew it when he saw it! By the time I sorted through all the submissions to this contest, I had a bit more objective description of my criteria. And the mantra held: light, on forms, in space.

“Not in the final list below but worthy of mention… Adam Czuprynski‘s architectural abstracts had a sense of real whiteness, whether they used a pure whitepoint or a more warm one. Leka Huie‘s white pelican (Miss White) and Mermaids’ white heron shots channeled white in a way that other white bird shots did not manage. Maria Blumberg‘s snow shot (After the Snow) managed to offer a sense of white that other snow shots did not. Kay Beausoleil‘s Dunes managed to speak of white, whatever the original sand tone, and the same photographer’s Early Storm spoke of white, and of black, largely due to the decision to go for high contrast, and avoid the overall sense of gray that many other images produced.

“I hope everyone who participated in this contest leaves with as much admiration for the mystery of white as I do!”
— C. David Tobie
cdtobie.com cdtobie.wordpress.com

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1st Place Overall
by Bob Welch
Judge’s Comment: “Bob Welch’s ‘Barn’ managed to speak most clearly of white to me, with the purity, the expanse, and the modulation of the whites, the patterns on the white, while still providing a great deal of color, in the reds of the barn and the colors of the sky and clouds. I have to give this image the top award for the contest.”
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2nd Place Overall
by amorphousbeing
Judge’s Comment: “Amorphousbeing’s ‘Shadows’ wins second, with a beautifully controlled abstract of falling water. This is a very sophisticated image, that appears to be illuminated from inside, due to the lighting, and the processing.”
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3rd Place Overall
“White Portrait”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “Mikael Sundberg’s ‘White Portrait’ attempts the difficult task of rendering the human face in whites. It is a very successful attempt that takes third place. I refer Mikael to my friend (and fellow PhoozL Photo Pro) David Saffir’s cover photo on Photo Technique magazine, to see a masterful attempt at this same difficult task: http://phototechmag.com/issue/may-june-2012/
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Honorable Mentions

Three more great images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…


“Sword is Mightier”
by Adam Czuprynski
Judge’s Comment: “Adam Czuprynski’s ‘Sword is Mightier’ says more about white with a narrow sliver of pure white in an off-white image than his totally white shots managed.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“the Spiral”
by Rebati-Seddik
Judge’s Comment: “Rebati-Seddik’s ‘the Spiral’ produced the best white motion of the contest, with the white edge of the spiral stair drawing the eye ever downward.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“White Walls and Lights”
by Pursuing-Art
Judge’s Comment: “Pursuing-Art’s ‘White Walls and Lights’ is a clean, pure product shot that transcends the catalog image it might be, with its range of luminous tones and abstract forms.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated, and a giant thanks to this week’s judge, C. David Tobie, who had a great time deciphering ‘White’ in terms of your submissions.

Congratulations to all of you for submitting wonderful images. More “Weekly Wednesdays” are awaiting you!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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