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Results – ‘The Story: In 3 Acts’- PhoozL


Results – ‘The Story: In 3 Acts’

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‘The Story: In 3 Acts’ was a different type of contest, and it requires a different results presentation as you see below. Judge Eileen Fritsch comments:

“This was challenging assignment — no doubt about it! But one way to stimulate creative thinking is to set tough limits, such as telling a story in just three pictures: beginning, middle, and end. With only the addition of Titles (and some Descriptions) to add context, I combined storytelling with the other contest-judging criteria to pick my winners. But as you know, the judging of photo contests is subjective, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t make the top 6; many others were right on the borderline and were also excellent submissions.

“It was inspiring to see the variety of ways all of the contest entrants tackled this challenge!”

— Eileen Fritsch, Eileen Fritsch Communications

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Story photos are ordered 1-3 from top to bottom.

First Place
by leka huie
“The Story of Peter and Mary”
Judge’s Comment: This series reminds us that stories happen everywhere, everyday among all life forms. In this case, two creatures floating independently come together with a funny story. And the colors, shapes, and lighting evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.
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Second Place
by Stefano M
“Icarus’ Dream”
Judge’s Comment: In Picture 1 (top), the viewer gets a sense of the problem (assembling a flaccid, tangled, grounded kite). Picture 2 shows progress toward the goal. Picture 3 shows success in creating something beautiful that is ready to fly; hopefully not with the failed ambition of Icarus!
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Third Place
by Charlena
“You First, No You First…”
Judge’s Comment: In Picture 1, the expression of the childrens’ faces hint that there’s a conflict and present the question: Who’s going first? Picture 2 shows how they have resolved the problem—they’ll go down together. Picture 3 shows the happy landing as a team.
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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by nance kay
“Ready – That’s a Hit – Safe at First!”
Judge’s Comment: This series moves from quiet contemplation (Picture 1) to action (Picture 2) to successful result (Picture 3) as the determined young baseball player reaches first base.
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by Lesley Ackman
“Life Cycle”
Judge’s Comment: This series of striking compositions can be interpreted as a metaphor for the stories of our lives… Photo 1: As we mature, we can be edgy and uncertain. Photo 2: We bloom and show the world our best colors. Photo 3: We age with dignity, accumulated wisdom, and unconventional forms of beauty.
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by Tanguero Chino
“Half Standing – Rubble – Gone”
Judge’s Comment: Places have stories too. This story starts with deterioration, proceeds to collapse, and ends with the hope for renewal. The coloring of the sky brings cohesiveness to the series. The starkness of the trees in Pictures 1 and 2 and brightly lit building in Picture 3 convey the changing mood.
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The judge wants to give special recognition to:

by Bob Welch
“Bad Habit”
Judge’s Comment: This story by Bob touched me deeply. It’s not everyday one comes across an artistic story that actually has serious consequences. There is not much I can add to the comments already posted on the final photo, but I thank Bob for sharing his true-life story.
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this extended ‘The Story’ photo contest, and to our judge: Eileen Fritsch. Don’t forget that new “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays photo habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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