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RESULTS – ‘The Rural Life’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘The Rural Life’

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We put on our jeans and boots for last week’s contest theme, ‘The Rural Life’. Here’s what judge Clayton Swatzell had to say about it…

“As mentioned in the instructions, this contest theme focused around country life, agriculture, small towns, and villages. In reviewing the photos submitted, I thought all participants truly showed an aspect of life in these rural places.

“When I first viewed all the submissions I wondered if I could ever narrow the field down to just six photos since so many were so well-done. Those submitting to this theme seemed to share a love for rural life, and it came out in their work.

“This was a fantastic effort by each and every one of those submitting photographs. Well done.”

— Clay Swatzell

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1st Place Overall
“Morning Groom”
by Talya Arbisser
Judge’s Comment: “This is a wonderfully composed photo that also uses a grand example of backlighting. I get a great sense that the man and the horse are ‘sharing’ their moment together. I have the feeling of how those in rural areas not only appreciate the land but also the animals they often depend upon. This photo also makes use of only a couple of main elements keeping the composition simple and easy to view. And I like how the colors of the sky contrast with the silhouette of the subjects, being just vivid enough to give us a feeling for the quiet of the day.”
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2nd Place Overall
“Red Barn in Winter”
by nance kay
Judge’s Comment: “This photo has wonderful leading lines, the fence guiding the eye towards the vivid red barn and bright blue sky. The negative space to the left of the barn is balanced by the fence starting at the left edge leading my eye into the frame to the right edge of the photo. The vividly colored barn with the contrasting sky and snow then pulls me back into the frame.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
“Working in the Field, Georgia”
by saritsal
Judge’s Comment: “I felt like this photo told a very accurate tale of what life in rural areas is really like. The rugged look of the man with sweat on his clothing leading an animal pulling a wagon of his day’s work. The young girl gives the contrasting view of the man as she is enjoying the ride upon the hay. The subjects are well-placed in the frame giving me a sense of walking from right to the left. This also shows good depth of field with the main subjects in focus with a nicely blurred background.”
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…
(click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)

“Red Barn”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “This photo shows a dramatic sky with what looks like a typically serene and quiet landscape. The vividly colored barn contrasts nicely against the green grass and shadows created by the menacing clouds. I felt that this was another photo that kept the composition simple with the bright red barn as an anchor point in the frame.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: “Often in rural areas we find abandoned buildings near pasture areas that are being actively used, and this photo is a wonderful illustration of just that. The composition with the (softer) animal in the foreground also gives me a feeling of depth in the photo. The animal’s attention is toward the viewer’s position, effectively placing us into the scene.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by Charlena
Judge’s Comment: “I was first drawn to this photo because of the richly colored sky. The colors are enough to capture attention, but when the setting sun is framed by the stark, barren trees with just enough foreground to anchor the photo, I felt it was a contender. The composition provides us with a leading line to the setting sun.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Thanks to all who participated in ‘The Rural Life’ contest and to our judge: Clay Swatzell. New “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays groove!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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