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RESULTS: “The Blues”- PhoozL


RESULTS: “The Blues”

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More than 100 images were submitted to this inaugural “Weekly Wednesdays” photo contest (and that’s after throttling back the maximum submits to three). As the first judge to kick off the series, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the theme “The Blues” brought out the best in you. From the landscapes to faces, from cityscapes to animals, it seems that most photo categories were covered by the submissions.

So here’s to Blue, and here are the Winners of the “The Blues” photo contest…

— Harald Johnson, PhoozL

(NOTE: click on the images for larger views)

1st Place Overall
“Moon Over Savo”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “This is a gorgeous Swedish landscape with a hint of melancholy that conjures up novels of Stieg Larsson. The blue permeates, but the moon, the house, and a far-off red marker contrast nicely. I’m feeling the blues with this technically sumptuous image!“


2nd Place Overall
“Old Blue Door”
by Sandra A.-B.
Judge’s Comment: “A decaying Inuit building in Northern Quebec provides a perfect canvas for featuring a forlorn blue door. My eyes go immediately to the door but then explore its contrasting surroundings. And if you think the image is tilted, it’s not; I checked; it’s an illusion.“


3rd Place Overall
“Blue Menorah”
by RedIvy
Judge’s Comment: “A religious symbol bathed in blue. The simplicity of the composition with only three elements covers the tonal range from highlight to shadow very elegantly and powerfully.“


Honorable Mentions

Three more great images chosen in the Honorable Mention category (trust me: it was very hard to pick only three!)…


“Blue Lights”
by aczuprynski
Judge’s Comment: “This perfectly focused portrait of the lead singer of rock group Get the Led Out captures a wonderfully pensive (and maybe melancholic?) moment with a great balance of (few) elements and diagonal lines.“

“Deep Blue”
by Anton. Lef.
Judge’s Comment: “Who doesn’t like aqua blue? This image beautifully shows the loneliness of the sole swimmer immersed in ultimate blueness.“

“Behind Blue Eyes”
by mariakras
Judge’s Comment: “The power of this image comes from the fact that while the blue eye is relatively small compared to what’s around it, there is no doubt about what the subject is, and the viewer immediately focuses on it.“


PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated. Congratulations to all of you for taking and submitting wonderful images. Are you getting ready or submitting to the next weekly contests? ;-)

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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