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RESULTS – ‘Summertime’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Summertime’

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The Summer Solstice was the signal for our ‘Summertime’ Weekly Wednesdays contest. Judge Mike Pasini comments:

“Summer means many things and the entries illustrated that. Subjects included skies, sunsets, water in various forms, bugs, flowers, children, dogs, sports, recreation, and beaches.

“While ‘Summer’ can denote 130 degrees in Death Valley these days, ‘Summertime’ rings a more festive note. And that was expressed in most of the images, whether it was the smile of a child or the relief of bare feet in a puddle. Selling the theme with a monochrome image was hard work, but several of the color images were not handicapped by a very limited palette. Candids were popular and post-processing at a minimum.

“Even among the winners, though, a few more minutes spent in image editing software would have helped quite a bit. You’re not obliged to stick to standard aspect ratios if a tighter crop would focus the composition more eloquently. And a slight shift in white balance can give a completely different nuance to the scene.

“About half of the submitted images made the first cut, which eliminated images that illustrated the theme vaguely or had technical issues like focus. Twelve images made the next cut, and you could argue persuasively for any of them. That’s a fun contest to judge. And a sense of ‘fun’ is key to our top three winners and really isn’t missing in any of the others.”

— Mike Pasini, publisher, Photo Corners

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First Place
by Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: You might find yourself in front of this scene and think: wide angle, but would you set your shutter speed to 1/8 second? That gave this image a strong sense of joyous motion. At the same time, the 18mm angle captured a lot of fun signage, both on the ride and the surrounding booths. Summer is all about reading signs to get somewhere. And this image of a ride that goes in circles took me right there.
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Second Place
“Keeping Cool”
by nance kay
Judge’s Comment: With its cool white balance, this image turns all the travel brochure clichés on their head. But coolness implies heat, and with just the tip of his head in the water, this guy has found a relief that seems echoed in the reflection of his blue trunks breaking up in the green water. You can’t help but ripple with laughter. Beautifully executed.
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Third Place
“Even the Policeman”
by Matt Heffernan
Judge’s Comment: A wide open f/1.8 aperture on the old standby 50mm lens captured this smile anticipating the first lick of an ice cream cone. That the constable is on duty at some well-attended outdoor event put a smile on my face, too. The ice cream is center stage, the constable nicely offset, the background beautifully blurred by that f/1.8 aperture. And taken in the shade, the face is so well-rendered it says it all without whispering a word.
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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“Care to Jump In?”
by Armineh
Judge’s Comment: The color in this image is so vibrant I just couldn’t look away. The reflections on the water tell you this is outdoors in the sunlight. The angle is a little disturbing, but it puts you at the edge of the pool, leaning over, ready to take the plunge. It’s an image you do want to dive into. Even fully clothed.
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“Summer in Sweden”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: The warmth of these daisies is what sold me on this image. The clouds are cool in the deep blue sky, the building in the background cool along the water’s edge. But the summer daisies, chatting among themselves while one looks over with a smile in your direction, radiate so much warmth you have to smile back.
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by Stefano M
Judge’s Comment: Almost a monochrome image, this beach scene holds onto just enough detail in the shadows while featuring a beautiful gradation across a sky that’s mirrored in the absolutely still body of water. Again, the color was compelling. And the simplicity of the pseudo silhouette, which would never have survived travel brochure printing, adds even more interest to the image.
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘Summertime’ photo contest and to our judge: Mike Pasini. Don’t forget that new “Weekly Wednesdays” weekly contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays photo habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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