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RESULTS – ‘Street Shots’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Street Shots’

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We had a great response in the number entries for the ‘Street Shots’ contest. Judge Lou Manna comments:

“I was very impressed by the submissions to this contest. They exhibited a good use of composition, angles, and lighting. It brought back my love for this type of imagery and made me want to go back out and shoot some more NY Street Shots!

“It worked out that three of the six winners included reflections in a big way. Reflections are a hidden aspect of The Street that many people don’t see. They often provide an unusual or different element to your pictures, so always be on the look-out for them.

“In general, I thought it was an A+ for effort in this contest, and I was impressed with the participation level. So keep up the good photographic work!”

— Lou Manna, New York Street Shots, Lou Manna Photography

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First Place
by RFritz
“Vice Versa”
Judge’s Comment: This image really stopped me. I like the fact that the photographer rotated the photo and submitted it upside down. This creates a far more dynamic composition. It is unique and eye-catching because of the way it distorts perspective. It makes you think and wonder.
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Second Place
by Lesley Ackman
“Martine Reflects”
Judge’s Comment: I like the graphic quality of this image through the use of black-and-white. The composition draws your eye into the reflection, and the triple arches of the building are beautifully framed with the silhouette of the woman’s body. Well done!
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Third Place
by leka huie
“Street Monkey Show”
Judge’s Comment: This is a great example of catching the telling moment in a photograph. There are so many stories being told here, not just by the main characters but also by the looks of the people in the background, and even by the monkey itself.
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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by Charlena
“Houston City Art…”
Judge’s Comment: This is a very graphic and colorfully surreal photo that has depth and drama. It’s a Houston street scene really come to life with an HDR edge to it!
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by Peter
Judge’s Comment: I like the simplicity of the composition with the weather-beaten window frame and the use of color complements: orange and blue, which always creates interesting power. The pattern of the curtain blends with the lines and shapes of the reflection to create a tension of the outer and inner worlds.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by Asequeira
“Charles Bridge”
Judge’s Comment: I can hear the music being played in this photo. The main elements work in symphony with each other to draw your eye into a circular composition. And I love those rich colors.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘Street Shots’ photo contest, and to our judge: Lou Manna. Don’t forget that new “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays photo habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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