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RESULTS – ‘Spirit of the ’60s’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Spirit of the ’60s’

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‘Show the Song: Spirit of the ’60s’ was our first paid-entry photo contest and with challenging theme. The judge was Elliott Landy, official photographer of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. He comments:

“For the most part, I had only one teacher in Photography, Larence Shustak. From being in his class and assisting him a few times, I learned how to print a fine-art photograph and develop a negative so it contained full detail and minimum grain, within the limits of the medium. But one of the most important things he taught me came on the first day of class when students asked him, ‘Who is better: Ansel Adams or Steichen or Eugene Smith, or…?’ He answered, ‘In ART there is no better, just different.’ And that is how I feel about the photos I chose. Once they reach the level of Art, to my way of thinking, it’s not easy to say which is Best and Second and Third, etc. In fact changed my ranking a few times after I started the judging process. So clearly my ability to enjoy an image is connected to my mood in addition to who I am and what I like — my taste. And this is true for everyone, be they photography curators, famous photographers or casual viewers. There is no best expert, no Stars of Taste; only those who have reached a material position in life where others want to know what they think, as I have for this contest.

“So I point out again, as I did on the contest’s initial information page, that these choices represent only my taste, and that it is YOUR taste that counts most. Of course, you should listen to what your respected-others say, and if the critique feels right, then act on it. However, above all in your picture-taking ventures, trust yourself and your own feelings — trust that these feelings will lead you to create the right body of work for yourself, for your own development.

“I am addressing primarily those who approach photography as an Art rather than as a means of income earning. So, no matter from whom the opinion about your work comes — be it the best photographer you know or the chief photo educator of your school — it’s still ONLY YOU who matters most.”

— Elliott Landy

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Grand Prize (1st Place Overall)
“House of the Rising Sun…” (The Animals – 1964)
by Charlena
Judge’s Comment: A wonderful photo whose composition perfectly fits the stylization laid over the image. I liked the image before even reading the song title, but it got better for me when I read the song name whose theme it is supposed to match. (As I mentioned at the start of the contest, my process in judging was to look at the images first, note the ones I liked, then go back and look at the matched song titles.) In general, I don’t care for manipulated photos. Often the manipulation effects (efx) override the image itself. However, here it works really well. As a rule overly manipulated photos lose the power of the image as they are covered up with efx. In this case the efx matches and enhances the image and creates a great match for the song theme: “There is a house in News Orleans…”
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2nd Place Overall
“Gimme Some Lovin’” (The Spencer Davis Group – 1966)
by Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: A terribly humorous yet intense image on its own, but when coupled with the song title, it really does it: expands from just an image to a very funny insight into something I feel with the look on the bird’s face. Far Out! There is also a spiritual match to the song’s name, pointing to a universal truth, which was very well expressed by the Dolly Parton character in the film Best Little Whorehouse in Texas when she said, “When I see someone coming without a smile on his face, I give him one!”
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3rd Place Overall
“I Saw Her Standing There” (The Beatles – 1963)
by Sonia2
Judge’s Comment: When I first saw this photograph I was very moved by it but didn’t choose it right away. But every time I looked at it, I kept liking it more. Many photos fade as you look at them again and again. This one got stronger. Then when I saw the song it was meant to go with, I saw that it was one of the most clever matches of a good photograph with a song title. It’s more than a literal interpretation of the title but rather (like the “Gimme Some Lovin’” photo) sees deeply into the psyche. In this case it is the psyche of the see-er seeing something for the first time, the beginning of a realization. “Hey, who is that over there and what can she mean to my world?” Well done!
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…
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“Like a Rolling Stone” (Bob Dylan – 1965)
by michris3
Judge’s Comment: As I mention above, I believe that the strength of the image has to be there first and then I add in the connection to the song title. I liked this one at first viewing, but it was not at the top of my list judged purely by itself. However, when I read the matching sone title, it gave new meaning to the image and expanded my experience of it. Really cute and really far out, in terms of anthropomorphizing the frog’s thoughts. And very funny!
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Hit the Road Jack” (Ray Charles – 1960)
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: As a pure, good image in the classic black-and-white photography vein, this was my first favorite on initial viewing. However, I was looking for images that complemented the song titles so that the combination of reading the title and looking at the image created something a little “more” than when seeing the picture alone. While the connection here to the song title is adequate, it’s not as strong as some of the others, but this is a solid Honorable Mention.
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“Nights in White Satin” (The Moody Blues – 1967)
by Ann Parker
Judge’s Comment: This is a very striking image graphically including its negative treatment, and could well have been one of the three winners. It is a great photo by itself, technically well-done in terms of tonality as well as composition. It creates a mood, by itself, without having to be connected to a song title, which in this case is appropriate, but not insightful. However, it works on its own as a photograph; one that would, I think, last through many viewings.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“When a Man Loves a Woman” (Percy Sledge – 1966)
by Marcia Chan
Judge’s Comment: Although this might be thought of as cliché-ish, it works visually and emotionally for me. The love and delight on the woman’s face is a joy to look at. I liked it the first time I saw it, wondered if it would last for me; if it wouldn’t become boring after a few looks, but it didn’t. It held on to the happy feeling. I didn’t make it one of the higher winners even though it matches the song title perfectly, but I really enjoy viewing it, despite the fact that it’s like other images we have all seen. In other words it has transcended the cliché and become a lasting image.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Elusive Butterfly” (Bob Lind – 1966)
by aggie
Judge’s Comment: Great image of a child’s grace and innocence. And it has a
compositional charm to match the subject. The title goes really well with the child’s form. And as the photographer noted in her Description: there is “a bit of hippie style associated with the ’60s in this image.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon & Garfunkel – 1969-1970)
by katiebauer
Judge’s Comment: This is a beautiful composition, great colors added to the reality of the original day. The model’s pose, the clothes, and more all works for me. While it’s more of an advertising kind of image, it works well for the assignment of matching photo to song title.
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PhoozL thanks all the photographers who participated in this photo contest. We hope you were challenged, had your creativity sparked, and learned more about photography along the way. And a huge thanks to our head judge: ELLIOTT LANDY, and to additional Prize Sponsors: APERTURE Magazine and Course Technology PTR. Feel free to comment on this contest (or others, or on any photo) wherever you see the Comment boxes at the bottom of pages. And be sure to check out our regular Weekly Wednesdays contests.

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

P.S. Follow all the contest rankings on the Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points pages.


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