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RESULTS: ‘Signs of the Times’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘Signs of the Times’

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This week’s theme played with a modern vernacular subject: Signs. The assignment was to “Think about the signs all around you… Consider not just road signs but any sort of display of utility or wayfinding information.” And judge David Saffir took that even another step…

“Many of the images submitted went beyond simple recording or depiction of a “sign of the times” and got deep into storytelling. Some stories were obviously sad, and others quite mysterious. Overall, it was an impressive collection of images that covered a very wide range of styles and sub-themes. It was very difficult to separate the three winners and runners-up – the majority of these were very good. Kudos to the photographers!”

— David Saffir
www.davidsaffir.com and davidsaffir.wordpress.com

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1st Place Overall
by Matt Heffernan
Judge’s Comment: “I like the use of the angled camera and the walkway leading the eye to the “nowhere” subway sign. The nighttime lighting, the yellowish colors, and the absence of pedestrians or traffic add to the eerie atmosphere of the image. Like a scene out of Hitchcock! This is my winner.”
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2nd Place Overall
by Talya Arbisser
Judge’s Comment: “Good positioning of the sign’s hand with her posture and preoccupation with the newspaper. It’s a very clever use of foreground and background elements that makes one feel like a giant is going to pluck her off the street. Well observed and positioned (and titled)!”
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3rd Place Overall
“Wiped Out”
by Scott Galle
Judge’s Comment: “More of a story or content capture, this makes me laugh out loud. It’s ridiculous and sad at the same time, depending on how you interpret the title: ‘Wiped Out’. The image leaves me wondering why someone used those sign words, what the giant mannequins are doing on the roof, and why someone bothered with the ‘No Trespassing’ sign.”
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category. (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…


“Closing Down”
by Alex O’Neal
Judge’s Comment: “Here’s a photo that’s all about overstatement (and economics!). The bottom white arrow, the busy parking lot, and the overcast skies – all makes it look like everyone’s out shopping just before the end of the world. Never mind the Rule of Thirds; this scene works great centered just like it is.”
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by macsota
Judge’s Comment: “A multi-layered story in this photo: the decrepit sign in the sunset of its life, painted a bright orange that contrasts with the blue sky, and pointing off to the horizon. Nicely weighted to the left, balanced by the expanse of the sky around it.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Giraffe Warning”
by Claire Lee
Judge’s Comment: “A nicely composed image with a great progression of diagonals: in the triangle sign, from one sign to the next, and the converging lines of the road to the horizon. The image is a bit surreal to someone who lives in the U.S., and the white, puffy clouds just add to the effect. But the poignancy of the submission’s Description text brings us back to reality.”
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PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who submitted to this contest. And a big Thank You to this week’s judge, David Saffir. Don’t forget that more “Weekly Wednesdays” are awaiting or being planned for you!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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