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RESULTS: “Seeing the Light” Photo Contest- PhoozL


RESULTS: “Seeing the Light” Photo Contest

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PhoozL’s first “super-judged” photo contest was amazing in both its quantity and quality. Almost 1,000 images were submitted, and it is clear that many participants thought through the assignment very carefully and submitted truly astounding photographs.

We were honored to have legendary photographer Joel Meyerowitz be the head judge. He not only selected the contest theme, but he used his insights to determine the final winners and Honorable Mentions below. A big Thank You goes out to him!

Joel thought this was one of the best photo contest results he had ever seen, and “the level of the work was so high that it was challenging to make the cuts and the final winner determinations.” With that said, here are your winners of the “Seeing the Light” photo contest… (NOTE: click on the images for a larger view)

Grand Prize (1st Place Overall)
“Portrait of a Cigarette”
by Raj Lalwani

Raj Lalwani

Joel’s comment: “This image celebrates all the requirements of the contest. It is an image that at first appears to be a simple shadow picture of a window in a blaze of light, but then it becomes more complex and playful at the same time. The puzzle of what is going on in the shallow space of the frame, the sheer ‘description’ of all the elements at play make it a very interesting and compelling image which emerges from the most minimal of subjects. A real lesson in seeing the light!”

[The Grand Prize is a very special, 1:1 communication with Joel Meyerowitz about this winner’s photographic work. Winner also receives a custom icon for posting on sites and blogs.]

2nd Place Overall
“Twilight lights”
by highevolutionary


Joel’s comment: “This photograph is a meditation on light. All the various light at that moment, in that place, at that time of day. The photographer responded to the pure pleasure of ‘being there,’ as well as being struck by the disparity between the glories of the end of the day, and the acidic interruption of the unnatural glow of electricity on the man-made structure. Almost as if it were a statement about Nature and Man.”

[The 2nd Place Prize is a free book voucher from Course Technology PTR from their great Digital Photography & Video book category. Winner also receives a custom icon for posting on sites and blogs.]

3rd Place Overall
“Oak St Basement”
by John Cessna

John Cessna

Joel’s comment: “This image is many things all at once: a mystery, with a touch of malevolence, a surprise, in the way it works on the mind’s eye, and a description of a place at that in-between hour when ordinary things take on an uncertain character. The French have a name for this hour; “Entre Chien et Loup” between the dog and the wolf. I have always seen that to mean, ‘between the known and the unknown,’ which is certainly the case with this photograph.”

[The 3rd Place Prize is a free, one-year gift subcription to APERTURE magazine. Winner also receives a custom icon for posting on sites and blogs.]

More great photos that came very close and were in the running until the very end…

Best Simple Statement of Light
by Gabriel Diaz

Gabriel Diaz


Best Interior
“Winter Coats”
by John Cessna

John Cessna


Best Use of Black and White
by Rajarshi



Best Still Life
by Tanguero Chino



Best Taken from a Vehicle
“From the Bus Project – 1”
by Michael Hintlian

Michael Hintlian


Best Directed Photo
“In My Dream”
by Giovanni Savino

Giovanni Savino


Best Urban Landscape
“Grand Central Abstraction”
by Jill Gewirtz

Jill Gewirtz


Best Portrait
by Natalia Frigo

Natalia Frigo


Best Abstraction in Black and White
“Checkerboard Stairs”
by Florian



So that concludes the first Super-Judged Photo Contest on the new PhoozL, which thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated. We hope you were challenged, and that you’ll enter more of PhoozL’s contests as they come up. The next Super-Judged contest is already in the works so keep an eye out for it. And feel free to comment on this contest (or others) wherever you see the Comment boxes at the bottom of pages.

– Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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