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RESULTS: ‘Photo Hunt – Celebration’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘Photo Hunt – Celebration’

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Our last Photo Scavenger Hunt of 2012 covered the winter holidays under the main theme of Celebration. Judge C. David Tobie sums up the contest well…

“This was a challenging competition; for both the participants and the judges. So I’d like to start by congratulating ALL the participants, for making the effort to try something new, that required them to go out and shoot live, instead of searching their libraries for existing images.* There are some great individual shots, but I will refrain from mentioning them as the goal for this contest was a group of images, covering a range of image types, under an overarching theme.

“It was possible to meet all nine image types in less than nine images. One shot could cover festive lights, group celebrating, and night scene at the same time, for example. But as it turns out, there were three participants who filled each of the nine types individually and gained extra points for the larger number of images, plus the bonus points for completing all nine. These three (Sandra A.-B., Anton. Lef., Talya Arbisser) had a clear advantage in the overall scoring and landed the first, second, and third place awards. There were also three participants who produced five or six images, which ranged from covering a few, to virtually all, of the nine image types. These three participants are listed as the Honorable Mentions, without sorting them into a specific order. So lets review the images from the six overall winners…”

— C. David Tobie
cdtobie.com, cdtobie.wordpress.com

*Ed.Note: Not all entries followed the “new images only” rule. As this was our first contest of this type, we allowed some flexibility, but we will be checking future contests of this type more closely for compliance.

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(NOTE: click on the images for larger views)

1st Place Overall: Sandra A.-B.

Judge’s Comment: “This series of nine images competed all the categories, offered a consistent, celebratory theme, and did not include a single weak image (though I believe it did include one incorrectly rotated image). In fact, its hard to single out any of these images for special merit, as they are all great shots in their own category. Congratulations on a very professional submission, Sandra!”

Target Subject: Festive Lights
Image Title/Description: Christmas tree bokeh.

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


2nd Place Overall: Anton. Lef.

Judge’s Comment: “This series of nine images also succeeded in fulfilling all nine image types, though working from a different type of celebratory event, it was more of a challenge. There are some exquisite images in this series that take the viewer into a colorful and memorable event. One or two weaker, or somewhat redundant images have been added to fill the set. A wonderful series that was forced, just a bit, to fit the contest rules. And a joy to review.”

Target Subject: Group Celebrating
Image Title/Description: Flowers during dancing.

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


3rd Place Overall: Talya Aribisser

Judge’s Comment: “A somewhat exotic series that tell a tale of colorful lights by night. There are some great individual images in this series that form quite a cohesive whole to tell an interesting story.”

Target Subject: Celebration Still Life
Image Title/Description: Menorah lit for the eighth night of Hanukkah. Houston, Texas.

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


Honorable Mentions

More great images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…


Judge’s Comment: “A creative attempt to capture all the themes in a smaller set of images, including a very effective reflection shot.”

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “A darker, but very professional set of images, with minimally populated images, but great scenes, and one very scary Santa (shown above).”

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


Judge’s Comment: “A lovely and creative series of very professional images, covering many of the themes, including a haunting slow-shutter dance image and the silhouette image shown above.”

(click here to see photographer’s complete submission set)


Here is the “target completion table,” which was used both as an organizational tool for judging and as a way for photographers to keep track of their submissions during the contest. The target-subject columns are: (1) Festive Lights, (2) Silhouette, (3) The Street, (4) Group Celebrating, (5) Night Scene, (6) Celebration Still Life, (7) Portrait, (8) Red, and (9) Presents, Gifts, Offerings.

shishir desaiYESYES
Claire LeeYESYES
vivek kYESYES?
Jil Norberto?YES
John SingletonYESYES
Codrin BuzduganYES

PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated in this second Photo Scavenger Hunt. And special thanks for our judge: C. David Tobie. More “Weekly Wednesdays” are waiting for you!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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