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RESULTS: ‘Photo Hunt – At Home’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘Photo Hunt – At Home’

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This inaugural PhoozL Photo Scavenger Hunt was something a little different. In the end, 24 people entered, and 11 of those captured all nine target subjects (see list at bottom), with Maria Blumberg being the first to do so. Others to complete their “rows” included all the people shown below plus Sadhin Gandhi. And a couple came close, including Kay Beasoleil, who missed only one. Several others did not quite get the multi-dimensional concept or follow the instructions, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt when I could.

Because we also said on the announcement blog post/completion update that “your goal is to complete your row” (or capture all the targets — final see Completion Chart below), I decided to give each person who did so a 10 score (9 targets + 1 extra point) and then restrict the overall winners to those who did that (sorry Kay; you had some wonderful entries but I had to draw the line). Then, we also said “extra points for subject winners.” That is, those who were best at capturing the “essence” of the target subjects. So each Subject Winnner was also given 5 points, then 4, then 3, in order. By adding up the scores, I arrived at the winners and honorable mentions you see below. And note that because this contest had an extended two-week submission period with more maximum submits allowed, which resulted in more overall submissions, we decided to enlarge the Honorable Mention listing to six instead of the usual three. So here are your results for PhoozL’s first Photo Scavenger Hunt (note that these results are for people and not individual photos)….

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(NOTE: click on the images for larger views)

1st Place Overall
Matt Heffernan
(target “Glass” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Matt Heffernan had a solid group of entries capturing all the target subjects. The image shown is an excellent B&W study.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


2nd Place Overall
(target “Food” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Sonia continues to excell in submitting images that are colorful, creative, and above all, simple. This egg shot is a good example.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
(target “You” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “A relatively new member of the PhoozL Phamily, mandal.sapta showed a good grasp of the challenge with his submissions. Shown is one of the better self-portraits.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Honorable Mentions

More great images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…


Talya Arbisser
(target “Room” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “A regular on PhoozL in both mobile and ‘normal’ formats, Talya is able to zero in on a subject’s essence. This Room shot was one of the best of its category.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page


(target “Sunlight” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Top PhoozL scorer adamdean submitted some outstanding Photo Hunt images, including this right-on-the-money Sunlight shot.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Marlin Seigman
(target “Round” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Marlin Seigman submitted very inventive images, with the Millefiori glass ball shown one of the simplest.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Mikael Sundberg
(target “Dark” shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Always in the running on PhoozL, Mikael Sundberg contributed some great imagery, including the high-concept ‘Dark – My bike in the garage’ image shown.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Sandra A.-B.
(target “Up Close” is shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Sandra A.-B. is a PhoozL regular, and she submitted a solid group of At Home images with the lovely Up-Close snail shown.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page


(target “Yellow” is shown)
Judge’s Comment: “Another relatively new PhoozL member, Layton submitted several clever images, including the selective-color one shown.“
Gallery Photo Detail Page

And here are the nine target subjects, and below is the final Target Completion table: (1) Sunlight, (2) Glass, (3) Food, (4) Yellow, (5) Room, (6) Up Close, (7) Dark, (8) Round, and (9) You!

Mikael Sundberg
Bob Welch
Sandra A.-B.
Gustavo Cruz
Maria Blumberg
Adam Czuprynski
Alan Scharf
Kay Beausoleil
Matt Heffernan
jai rathore
Marlin Seigman
Claire Lee
Swadhin Gandhi
Talya Arbisser

PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated in this first Photo Scavenger Hunt. More “Weekly Wednesdays” are waiting for you!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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