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RESULTS – ‘Pets in B&W’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Pets in B&W’

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We had great participation in our first Cash Prize Pool contest for ‘Pets in B&W’. The images were wonderful, and the judge (Andrew Darlow, a pet photo expert) did not have an easy time selecting 3 overall winners and 6 Honorable mentions. (NOTE: all judging was anonymous, except when images were watermarked). Andrew comments:

“I could wax poetic for quite awhile about why black-and-white imagery has had such a strong effect on me over the years. And I could speak or write equally long time on the topic of pets. When brought together, as they were in this contest, the results were as I had hoped: OUTSTANDING!

“I was inspired, touched, entertained and simply awed by so many of the entries, and I’m very happy that I was able to select not just three winners, but six honorable mentions. Birds, cats and dogs were all a part of my list of winning photographs, but if you look at the gallery, you’ll see many other pets that are surely bringing happiness and photogenic moments to their owners and friends.”

— Andrew Darlow, The Imaging Buffet, Facebook/AndrewDarlow

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First Place
Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: The primary things that made this exceptional photograph my top pick were: the creative use of cropping (I’m guessing it was done in camera); the incredible sharpness and detail; the dog’s strong, yet friendly-looking expression; the contrast range; and the beautiful neutral tone of the image. Excellent!
Cash Prize Pool payout: $121.50
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Second Place
Judge’s Comment: When I first saw this picture I thought for a moment that I was looking at the cover of Vogue or a similar fashion magazine! The lighting, the dog’s “Haute Couture” expression, the exquisite floral background, the flowing and detailed hair of the “model,” and the overall grace and style of this image just blew me away.
Cash Prize Pool payout: $81.00
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Third Place
Judge’s Comment: There are so many things I absolutely adore about this photograph. First, the very elegant feline looks almost like a statue that has been placed by a window. The light, combined with skillful framing by the photographer creates a partial silhouette with beautiful shapes that create a soft glow around the cat. The way in which the background changes from bright white on top to a town/cityscape mixed with foliage (and just a hint of the backlit window screen) adds to its allure.
Cash Prize Pool payout: $40.50
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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David M. M. Taffet
“Tub Time”
Judge’s Comment: This photograph stood out in my mind first for its unconventional framing and point of view. My eyes were then drawn to the adorable little bulldog inside the tub. The highlight on the dog’s head helps define its shape and serves as a “spotlight” that really helps make a strong statement. I also believe that the fact that this image is black-and-white gives it an overall feel that keeps the eye focused on the subject.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Judge’s Comment: Just one of the things that drew me to this wonderful image is the soft “window-like” lighting (it very well may be window-lit). The light helps make this silky smooth dog’s coat absolutely stunning. That, combined with the fantastic framing, a great pose, neat yet natural-looking comforter, and those “puppy-dog eyes,” made this one a winner.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Judge’s Comment: I smiled the moment I saw this image. I love the way the photographer captured a special event that many dogs live for…a game of fetch! The lighting is outstanding, with the dog highlighted both in the light and in the plane of focus, which allows us to feel like we are part of the action. I also really like the strong contrast of the dog’s coat against the medium gray-toned grass.
Gallery Photo Detail Page

Mikey Counselman
“Gorg and his Tiger”
Judge’s Comment: This photograph truly touched my heart. It moved me because I’ve seen many pets cling to their favorite toys over the years, and this little guy or girl reminds me of my son and his favorite toys when he was growing up. The placement of the dog in this scene is perfect, with just enough foreground to give us the feeling of warmth from the blanket, and the slightest bit of cropping of the dog’s ear to keep the framing tight and personal. The relationship between the stripes of the stuffed animal and the stripes of the blanket are also harmonious, which may not have been the case had the image been in color.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Judge’s Comment: I selected this photograph of the parrot for a few reasons. First, the sharpness and detail across the parrot’s entire head and upper body are truly remarkable. Next, the “retro” sepia toning give it an almost historical look, and I really like the contrast range of the image. It’s also rare to see a parrot photograph in black-and-white, and that’s another reason why this one really stood out for me.
Gallery Photo Detail Page

Judge’s Comment: Like HMD, this photograph also touched my heart because the photographer captured what looks to be a very emotional and loving moment between human and pet. These moments happen every day around the world, but it is difficult to capture them with such grace. The subdued lighting comes across like the light you might find from a few nightstand lamps late at night before bed. By framing the scene from the angle we see, the photographer and subjects invite us into this embrace in a very special way.
Gallery Photo Detail Page



PhoozL thanks all the photographers who participated in this special ‘Pets in B&W’ photo contest. We hope you were challenged, had your creativity sparked, and learned more about photography along the way. And a very big Thanks to our hard-working judge, ANDREW DARLOW. Don’t forget that other photo contests are live or being planned. And follow the contest rankings on the Weekly Winners Showcase and PhoozL Points pages.

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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