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RESULTS: ‘Pattern & Form’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘Pattern & Form’

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Another challenging photo contest with a great new judge, Tracy Valleau, who has this to say about this week’s contest…

“Photographer Robert Adams suggested that form lies at the very heart of beauty in photography (in his book of the same title). (Pattern is just repeating form.) Each viewer of your work will experience a different impact from your choices. From the photographer’s standpoint then, the tool you use to abstract form in a photograph is composition.

“Yet a great image will go beyond the merely familiar and recognizable form or pattern, and beyond novelty of approach in display, to an enduring and universal response. It is a highly personal matter, and connects the photographer to the viewer. The degree to which there is depth and power that resonates in that connection is the degree to which the photograph succeeds.

“I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to view these contest photos, and to see for a moment, through your eyes. That said, I can only provide feedback on how these images resonated with me alone. While my perspective is based on many years in fine-art photography (as opposed to, say, advertising or wedding photography) my biases will certainly show through.

“When we described the contest at the outset, we said “Lines, shapes, and patterns are an important component of photographic composition. What do they reveal about the world and you? What do you see? The judge will be looking for images that not only relate to the theme, but do so in an interesting, provocative, and creative way that engages the viewer.

“In other words, images where form and pattern SERVE the image, not ARE the image. This is one distinction between fine and commercial arts.

“Reducing all the submitted images to just the final six was more difficult than I anticipated, since I had to exclude several fine images wherein the photographer not only understood the objective, but succeeded at it as well. You have all succeeded to one degree or another, and I strongly encourage you to move forward! There was a lot of talent on display, and my Honorable Mentions list could have easily included a dozen more.

“If your image did not find a resonance with me, that merely means your audience lies elsewhere, and is no reason at all to be discouraged. I urge you to push your art and craft, and keep putting it out there in the world. Your audience will find you.

“Thanks again for the pleasure of viewing your works.”

— Tracy Valleau

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1st Place Overall
by photosol
Judge’s Comment: “Wonderful. I am picked up and swept into the picture. Strong, simple and direct. Intriguing, with fine lines balanced against massive. And completely in keeping with the subject, with a bit of vertigo as well. A powerful and clean photograph where the lines and forms have the exact impact and effect on the viewer as intended. Well done.”
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2nd Place Overall
by Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: “Excellent composition where all the lines lead the eye to the building. The forms and shapes juxtapose nature and man. The road invites us in to imagine this at eye-level and to walk around. Surprisingly intimate. There is an artist’s eye at work in this one.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
“Zebra Stripes”
by Claire Lee
Judge’s Comment: “What a wonderful abstract. While we all recognize the zebras, the composition is made by the two horizontal divisions across the image. That they are “pinched” toward the center and each other is nicely balanced by the matching curves at the top and bottom. The stripes seem to flow from one animal to another. The symetry is broken and the image kept interesting by the small vertical bulge (of an animal only barely in the scene) at the left.”
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Honorable Mentions

More great images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category. (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…


“Form Nr1″
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “Yes, this is (apparently) a commercial piece, but it exhibits the essense of photography: to whittle it down to the bare minimum; only what is needed to tell the story or share the emotion. To that end, it perfectly represents this week’s contest. What could be more simple than a single line? (If it were cropped down the top a bit, to put more weight at the bottom, it would impart a sense of forward motion.)”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Frozen Fall”
by gLynda
Judge’s Comment: “Line and form in nature, and in conflicted balance. The sharp frozen crystals wrap the organic decay of the leaves. A harsh winter lies ahead, yet there are small signs of life. The tension here is between the angular crystals and the curved leaves. Both are natural; both are fractal, and both remind us of the extremes of life.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Rambling On”
by Matt Heffernan
Judge’s Comment: “Here, the division of the background in half, strongly vertical and horizontal, serves to push the organic human figure forward. There is an “either/or” feeling created by the 50/50 division of the building’s lines and the activity of the verticals vs the repose of the horizontals. There is no doubt this image is about the man, but where is he? Why is he looking down? Holding his wrist? Why the visual tension behind him? This isn’t Park Avenue, and the background’s industrial lines and forms cause one to think he’s “under the thumb” of some one, or some circumstance. Visually, the figure is balanced by the two vents; the road is balanced by the roof. This is a very well-constructed image.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated in this contest. And our big Thank You to this week’s judge, Tracy Valleau, who truly enjoyed viewing the submissions. Don’t forget that more “Weekly Wednesdays” are awaiting or being planned for you!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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