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RESULTS – ‘Me, Myself & I’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Me, Myself & I’

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‘Me, Myself & I’ proved a good challenge for the judge. He comments:

“What a contest! Phoozleers portrayed themselves as faces, hands or feet, often as reflections and sometimes as shadows. There were earrings, shoes, glasses and cameras accessorizing the main subject (but strangely no hats). At the beach, indoors or suspended in thin air.

“Color images dominated although there were a few black and white entries and one almost selective color. Not to mention one _very_ subtle color image that appeared monotone. Multiple exposures were also used to great effect, adding another dimension to the shots. Post processing in general was admirably done, enhancing the portraits without calling attention to itself.

“The entry descriptions played an important role in this contest, too, illuminating more than a few of the images. They were required reading for this judge.

“We have to confess, we loved every image — at first sight, too. So picking a few winners was torture. We narrowed all the entries down to 10 we just couldn’t forget and then selected the final six, which we then ranked. In the end, each one of these unconventional portraits gave us something to think about. And the winners just a bit more.”

— Mike Pasini, Photo Corners

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1st Place Overall
“A Farmer’s Hand”
by vipfineart
Judge’s Comment: “It’s the simple unbuttoning of a shirt after a day spent working in the fields. You see it from above but rotated, subtly shifting the point of view so it isn’t introspective. In painting this portrait the photographer also tells the story of a life.”
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2nd Place Overall
“Me Happy :)
by aggie
Judge’s Comment: “The only full-body shot and the only entry shot within a landscape expresses a jubilance that looks strong enough to knock over stone obelisks. The landscape colors are nicely modulated with just a hint of vignetting to focus attention on the subject.”
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3rd Place Overall
“Who Am I Today!”
by Charlena
Judge’s Comment: “And these aren’t all her shoes, the photographer tells us. But two things make us think about this portrait a little bit more. First, the rather shy unshod feet (they aren’t tapping their toes) haven’t made up their minds. Second, the muted colors of those shoes, which (ahem) are not paired with their mates. In the end, the high-key legs pierce the dark circle of muted shoes, asserting the person is the subject, the shoes just props.”
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…
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“Me, Myself and I Power Three”
by Julien Labrosse
Judge’s Comment: “The description reveals this shot is a compilation of 27 images taken in three minutes. Like Alberto Giacometti’s drawings, in which the line is redrawn over and over to indicate something more than a static figure, here the subject is captured over and over, each new image superimposed on the others. Just before it turns into a Rorschach test though, the ghostly profiles and the haunting eyes reveal what you can’t see about the subject.”
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“Kafka and Me”
by Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: “A projector casts the photographer’s shadow onto a screen at the Kafka Museum in Prague. So no, those are not the photographer’s eyes. But it isn’t a homage to Kafka either. He appears like the moon, as an influence. The photographer’s silhouetted hand on the camera looking back at those eyes are calibrating just how much influence. A haunting, dramatic, revealing portrait.”
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“Red Corner”
by Scott Galle
Judge’s Comment: “At first glance it appears to be a conventional portrait but on closer examination, the face is screened with the same pattern of the red wall. The light from below makes it a spooky shot, but the screen pattern tempers it with a bit of humor, too. That’s tough to pull off.”
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘Me, Myself & I’ contest and to our hard-working judge: Mike Pasini. New “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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