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RESULTS – ‘La Mer’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘La Mer’

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‘La Mer’ sparked another positive reaction in submission numbers. Makes sense as the sea is our original home. Judge Philippe Serenon comments:

“Apart from a few of you who took the contest a bit too easy, most delivered good pictures of which you can be proud. So congratulations! Having said that, the theme of the contest was more difficult than it seems at first glance: If it is easy to make good pictures of the sea, it is very difficult to make VERY good pictures. A few of you made it and are rewarded.

“La Mer (the Sea) is a protean thing: it encompasses a base element, water, and it has a huge size only limited by the horizon, an unstable surface generated by wind and waves, and an infinity of colors, varying with light minute after minute. Capturing all this artfully in one frame is a big, big challenge. Many of you tried to ‘hook’ the picture by introducing an additional element like a boat, people, mountains or objects. A good idea if not done at expense of the sea, which remains the focal point of the picture. So one needed to go further by adding a dimension of interpretation since a simple documentary approach makes the picture look common or ordinary. And I was looking for beyond ordinary.

“As usual with photography, the whole question is to dominate the subject in order to express oneself. If you are dominated, you do Pictures; if you dominate, you do Photographs. It makes a world of difference! In general, the more impressive the subject is, the more difficult it is to do photographs. Look at images taken in India: millions are good (even mine!) but there is only one Cartier-Bresson… When it comes to the sea, my references would be Mimmo Jodice, Michael Kenna and Joel Meyerowitz. All of this influenced my judgment about your works with the outcome you see below.”

— Philippe Serenon, Photomed: Mediterranean Photography Festival

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First Place
by Jinesh Udani
“Different Shades”
Judge’s Comment: This image stands out of the crowd immediately. It is quite poetic as well as dynamic. The human presence is both adding this dynamism while not being too intrusive. The subtle tones of water and sand create an ambiance in which the viewer feels good. Waves are there, but the blurry effect makes them feel soft and not brutal as they are by nature. Well done, Jinesh!
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Second Place
by Jodie Marsh
“Moonlit Sea”
Judge’s Comment: I first asked myself if these colors were natural or retouched. Then I decided that even if retouched, the author’s sense of color was driving her eye and hand, and that digital is part of our lives so only the result is what counts. The composition and the decisive moment when the picture was shot seem to be well thought-through. The three planes with the small wave, the bigger one and then the becalmed sea behind give the sense of the immensity of the sea while making it close to us. The glittering light in the background adds to the mystery of this picture. I would easily live with a super-large print of this in the lounge of my house.
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Third Place
by Stefano M
“La Mer”
Judge’s Comment: Quite an interesting and unusual shot. The sea is in movement as the wave spray depicts, while the girl stands still in the middle of this shaky sea. This contrast is very compelling. And the shape of the splash on the left follows the body contour in a very elegant manner. Another example of the decisive moment! Finally, the colors are quite attractive in this strange green-blue-gray tone.
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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by Mikael Sundberg
“Courselles sur Mer”
Judge’s Comment: A very classical picture, and the contrast of sharp rocks and lighthouse or channel marker with the foggy sea creates a very nice impression. The composition is very well-done as well. Print it out and put it on your wall right away! (If it is Courseulles-sur-Mer, I know it but it is quite far from me in Provence!)
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by Kay Beausoleil
“After the Storm”
Judge’s Comment: I am reminded and could not miss this photograph as a type of tribute to one of my photo idols, Joel Meyerowitz. It is hard to compare with him, of course, but this photographer is on the right track. Bien fait (well-done)!
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by edmontecalvo
Judge’s Comment: Contradicting myself above (I am French after all!), the sea may be absent in this photo, but these dolphin fish are so beautiful in their crate that they deserve to be on this list. Once out of the sea these fishes normally lose their wonderful colors, but here the viewer can enjoy them as well as the composition which is quite good.
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘La Mer’ photo contest, and to our judge: Philippe Serenon. Don’t forget that new “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays photo habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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