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RESULTS – ‘Floral Magic Macro’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Floral Magic Macro’

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This contest brought in some wonderful submissions. Judge David Gubernick comments:

“I was struck by the diversity of perspectives taken for the ‘Floral Magic Macro’ contest, ranging from the choice of flowers, angles, garden and wild flowers, the use of black-and-white, or soft to bold colors, interesting lighting, to creative use of post-processing of the images. There were many worthy and amazing images and it was a challenge to pick the few that won or were honorable mentions. My winners list and honorable mentions could easily have included many other submitted images. The ones that did make it resonated with me both artistically and technically and had a quality that for me took the image to a different level.

“The macrophotography of flowers is one of the most challenging types of photography to do well both technically and artistically. Attention needs to be paid to every little detail because everything within the frame adds or detracts from the image. This is especially the case with the background, which is as important as the flower itself. I congratulate all of you for rising to the challenge and allowing me to see the world of flowers through your eyes.

“Many contest images were eliminated because of cluttered backgrounds that distracted from the flower, out of focus flowers or no point of focus where little or nothing was sharp enough to hold attention, over-processed images, bright harsh lighting, overlapping of flowers or flower parts thereby losing their distinctiveness, or combinations of the above.

“The background can be softened by using a wide-open (lower numbered) f/stop, increased magnification and/or a longer focal-length macro lens. A diffuser can soften the light and help reduce glare and increase saturation of colors. A gold or silver/white reflector can be used to bounce warm or cool light, respectively, back into the flower to help make it glow. A tripod is essential to use because it slows you down and allows fine tuning of your composition that is not possible by hand-holding your camera. A tripod, cable release and mirror lockup reduces shake and increases the likelihood of capturing sharper images. If your camera has a depth-of-field preview button, use it to see how much of the flower and background will be in focus before you take the shot, then adjust your f/stop accordingly. Use live view and zoom-in to help with focusing. Unless you are going for a completely abstract look, it is helpful to have something in focus – usually the area or part of the flower you want to call attention to.

“Here are two links that may be of interest with regards to the macrophotography of flowers:

— David J. Gubernick, Rainbow Spirit Photography

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First Place
Jodie Marsh
Judge’s Comment: This is a wonderful image with strong graphic elements and lighting. Excellent flower choice – intriguing, strong graphic elements within the center of the flower, complemented by the wavy petals. It looks more like an undulating sea-creature, which takes the flower to a different level. Well-composed with the center just above the midline and facing up and to the right, giving implied motion. Wonderful lighting, great detail and colors. The vignetting all around the flower keeps the attention on the middle where all the “action” is located.
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Second Place
Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: There’s a wonderful spot-light look on the stamens and pistil combined with darkening around the edges creates a wonderful mood and helps keep attention on the center area; it creates the feeling of peeking into the inner workings of the flower. The stamens and pistil are nicely sharp with little overlap so they stand out distinctly from each other. The red flower petals serve as the background and complement the yellow stamens. Red flowers are often difficult to capture and render well without either losing detail or over-saturating them -– well-done!
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Third Place
Stefano M
“Floral Magic Macro”
Judge’s Comment: Striking color, lighting and detail. Virtually every part of the flower is sharp which helps make this image jump out. The flower parts stand out because they are sufficiently separated from each other. Nicely composed with all petals going out of the frame and thus anchoring the flower, while the center parts (stamens and pistil) and flower petals all move in the same general direction, from lower left towards and through the middle of the frame with enough space on the right so that the flower does not feel cut-off.
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images, not presented in any order or ranking…
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Kay Beausoleil
Judge’s Comment: The angle of view, soft colors and texture, sweeping lines of the tulip itself, and a nicely blurred background come together to create more of an abstract, almost blown-glass look that takes it beyond being just another tulip portrait. Well-conceived and executed.
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Lesley Ackman
“Canadian Thistle”
Judge’s Comment: Great detail in this thistle, with good textures and color. The white background, cropping and post-processing makes it look more like a botanical illustration than a photograph, thus taking it to another level. Nicely conceived and executed.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


leka huie
Judge’s Comment: Strong, bold colors of the flower are nicely complemented by the blurred background whose colors mimic the pinks and yellows of the flower itself. Nicely composed with the center of the flower to the right of center and the petals moving left into the frame with enough room around them so they don’t feel cut off. A great angle of view.
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘Floral Magic Macro’ photo contest, and to our judge: David Gubernick. Don’t forget that new “Weekly Wednesdays” weekly contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays photo habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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