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RESULTS – ‘Dream’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Dream’

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Last week’s contest theme was dreamed up (couldn’t resist!) by judge Mike Pasini, and we received many interesting submissions. Mike continues…

“Dreams are certainly mysterious things, and the entries for our ‘Dream’ theme reflected that. They also demonstrated some impressive technical virtuosity — nobody fell asleep behind the camera or on the computer. Some subjects were quite literal and others utterly imaginary. Focus, color, and composition often helped turn an ordinary scene into something wonderful.

“Of the 83 entries, I narrowed things down to 11 favorites. Five of those were literal interpretations of a scene and the other six manipulated fantasies. Three of them were black-and-whites. Formal image quality (color, tone, sharpness) varied enormously, too, but strictly in service of the theme.

“When I settled on the six winners, I peeked at the Exif data to see what gear the winners had used. Three images reported camera data. They included a Canon Rebel T4i, a Fujifilm HS20EXR (at ISO 1600) and a Nikon D5100 — a pretty wide variety.

“Gear wasn’t the whole story, though. Clearly, imagination was the key ingredient.

“(One suggestion. If you want to add a copyright notice to your image (and who doesn’t?), the best place for it is in the Exif header. Overlaying it on a contest entry image can distract even the most attentive judge.)”

— Mike Pasini
visit his new site: Photo Corners

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1st Place Overall
by ashanna
Judge’s Comment: “The one image in this group that least reflects formal image qualities, it succeeds for just that reason. Oversaturated color blotches, banding in the sky almost like a grungy rainbow, burned out highlights. And yet it’s the perfect composition, looking down a well-worn country road with high hedges and, wait for it, that arthritic tree pointing everywhere in desperation as it is being choked by ivy. It’s a dream-like image, not a photo.”
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2nd Place Overall
“A Vivid Dream”
by Sandra A.-B.
Judge’s Comment: “A marvelous composition, the clown placed in just the right part of the frame to suggest something is going on, the crowd obscured enough by the smoke to seem captive in the red light of an emergency. And yet, look closer. See the small child looking at the camera? The photographer turning away from the light? Of course, it’s a parade, but the kind of parade you might see in your dreams, where things do not quite follow the usual route.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
“Stairway to Dreamland”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “This simple but dramatic composition invites you to climb out of the everyday world of the fields and up the unlikely stairs. To what riches, you can only imagine. It also demonstrates how important it can be to move your main subject off center. Had the staircase been placed in the middle, it would have looked more like a tornado than an escape. And if it were in color? Not nearly as iconic.”
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category. (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…

by Alexandr Marinenko
Judge’s Comment: “Wonderfully composed first of all, with the balloon against the deep blue of the sky and the clouds claiming the upper right corner. And the colors are just the ticket, too, with the yellow balloon contrasting with the blue sky. But the capture was made when the balloon was just the right height. Neither too far away to imagine being aboard nor still too close to the ground.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Federal Case”
by Jay Sullivan
Judge’s Comment: “These synchronized nappers aren’t bothered by either the dark oddly-leaning sculpture behind them or the lunch-hour action in the background. They are revising reality in their dreams. Sufficient detail was held in their white shirts to contrast with the shadows of the dark blocks falling on the grass. And the black-and-white image holds everything together better than a color rendition would have.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Homes of the Homemakers in India”
by AsmitaRajiv
Judge’s Comment: “This shot needed no extra help from the computer to tell its story. The fragile brick and metal homes of the foreground are overshadowed by the brick and concrete highrise under construction in the haze behind them. It’s a warm-toned image, giving it a positive spin. We don’t focus so much on what people don’t have, as we do on what they one day might. A different kind of dream, certainly, but still a dream.”
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PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers and photo enthusiasts who submitted to this contest, which happens to be the last one contributing to the 2012 PhoozL Points system. And a huge Thanks to this week’s judge, Mike Pasini. A new season of “Weekly Wednesdays” contests has already begun. Mark your calendars!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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