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RESULTS: ‘Close-Up on Nature’- PhoozL


RESULTS: ‘Close-Up on Nature’

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The words of our judge, Christopher Wormald, for the second “Weekly Wednesdays” photo contest say it all…

“I was surprised and delighted with the standard of the greater part of the 120 entries that had winged their way to me. My first task was to produce an edited short-list of 25 of the best images. It struck me as quite sad to see many fine images in the “reject” folder, but it was needed to end up with 3 winners and 3 honourable mentions. I then whittled the short list down to 10 and mourned the loss of 15 excellent images, some of which I would have been happy to have taken myself.

“I had given a hint on the competition details page that I was looking for thoughtful images – pictures that in some way expressed an individual photographer’s ‘take’ on nature in the form of a meditation expressed visually. Our wonderful chosen medium can capture immense detail, or we can choose a subject where detail is excluded by our own manipulation of focus, or depth-of-field, or choice of aperture, or movement of camera or subject. This is the strength of the medium – and our mastery of it.

“How YOU responded to my hint was my key to choosing winning shots. It was not about the quality of the kit you used. I examined the EXIF information and looked at each file at “actual pixels” for errors, and in all the images in the final selection the files are excellent. So my selection of winners is of photos that ‘spoke to me’ – I love them! Thank you all Phoozleers for your submissions, and to our chief Phoozleer for setting it all up. Keep looking and keep photographing.” — Chris Wormald

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1st Place Overall
“Green Leaf”
by ginag0108
Judge’s Comment: “Your green leaf is the winner! OK you used a nice macro lens and some fill-in flash, but your recognition of the swirly qualities in the flesh of the leaf and the texture in the stem was what decided me. Very well seen, well executed and presented. I present you with a virtual pint of fine English Ale.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


2nd Place Overall
“Autumn Leaf”
by Sandra A.-B.
Judge’s Comment: “Your lovely leaf meditation is second (but only just, as it would have won but for ginag’s leaf)! It is beautifully and naturally lit – very sharp right into the corners. I imagine you used a tripod; if not you have a very steady hand at 1/60th sec. Your selection of this one nibbled leaf on the mossy tree bark is a superb visual comment on the natural cycle.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
“Head-on Grass”
by mungbeans
Judge’s Comment: “Your gentle shot of grass in an urban environment is superb and very well seen and controlled. Naturally lit and differentially focused, the grass blends into the background beautifully. Nature is there for our pleasure and spirit even in the most uncompromising locations; all we have to do is look, and if we have our camera with us and our wits about us, we can do as you did. Well seen, Mungbeans!”
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Honorable Mentions

Three more great images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category (click here to see the Gallery of all submitted images)…


by Jodie Marsh
Judge’s Comment: “This is a great shot. Generally speaking, use of flash can be troublesome in close work, but you have done a very good job here. The texture of the petal has been retained well, and the effect of flash on the subject and letting the background go quite dark makes the image memorable. Well done.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“A Spider’s Banquet”
by Mikell
Judge’s Comment: “Your shot of the demise of the insect trapped in a web is well-handled and tells the story of the cycle of birth and death. The highlights in the background could have been distracting but are not in this case; indicating the continuance of life – death being a very small thing when all is said and done!”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


“Close-up Cactus”
by Rosalina
Judge’s Comment: “I really like this shot; the colors, the composition, and the prickly things around the petals – well seen.”
Gallery Photo Detail Page


PhoozL thanks ALL the photographers who participated and our weekly judge. Congratulations to all of you for taking and submitting wonderful images. Don’t forget the next “Weekly Wednesdays” contests!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)


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