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RESULTS – ‘Bending Reality’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Bending Reality’

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JD Jarvis has his work cut out for him in judging the ‘Bending Reality’ photo contest. He comments:

“Capturing a photographic image has not been changed all that much by the introduction of digital tools. There is still present in that process all the recognizable interplay between light, lens characteristics, framing, depth of field, shutter speed and the photosensitive focal plain. Instead, it seems to me that it is the darkroom and the entire post-capture phase of photography that has been profoundly altered with the introduction of digital imaging tools. Today, this phase has gone beyond photography as we knew it, but we have only terms like ‘digital photography’ or ‘digital darkroom’ to account for it.

“It was my intention with this Weekly Wednesdays contest to celebrate this difference and to encourage us to look more deeply into what is most unique about contemporary ‘digital photography’ and/or image processing. I have always been interested in things that blur the lines between other things, and digital photography is certainly one of those things. Is it a collage or montage… is it a painting… is it a photo or a 3D rendering? It is real (whatever that means) or imaginary?

“One finds it difficult to judge this sort of thing, but I can tell you that what I was looking for in this contest were images that exceed what we have come to know as ‘photographs’ and that begin to dip into the greater arena of our creativity and imagination as it is enhanced and supported by new technology. New tools should usher in new work, and I was not disappointed by the entries we got for ‘Bending Reality’.”

— JD Jarvis, Dunking Bird Productions

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1st Place Overall
“Seeding No. 1”
by DgKaufman
Judge’s Comment: “While the undulating black shape running horizontally across this piece encourages me to think of it as a landscape, the sensuality of the other forms suggest something quite different. It may have begun ‘with an apple,’ but the careful control of a distortion filter and a subtle application of an organic texture make ‘Seeding’ something much more. It is not a landscape; it is not strictly an abstraction; and it certainly isn’t only a photograph. Digital techniques and imagination have synthesized this image into something else and makes it a prime example of what I was looking for in this contest.”
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2nd Place Overall
“Letting Off Steam”
by Armineh29
Judge’s Comment: “Purely fun with a new toy, but there are some subtleties that make this composited-mirrored image my choice for second place. The distressed edge along with a sepia-toned, tintype effect is designed to make us think of traditional early photography, but the image itself is clearly not your great grandfather’s photo. There is the suggestion of depth, which may have been heightened by placing the central, sharply focused element a bit higher in the frame. And, the ‘shadow’ could express a greater sense of (sur)realism by incorporating the cigarettes into its shape. But, I like the use of new tools and the feel of spontaneous good humor that accompanies this piece.”
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3rd Place Overall
“Fly Away”
by nance kay
Judge’s Comment: “I chose this entry for third place because it pokes fun at the notion, so often promoted by software marketing, that you can make your photos ‘look just like oil paintings,’ which is exemplified here by the filter that has been applied to the background. But, here the butterfly is trying to escape that fate and keep it real. I appreciate that the artist sought to mix ‘photo art’ with ‘reality.’ So where is the butterfly’s shadow?”
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Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…
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by Charlena
Judge’s Comment: “Nothing bends reality like a good nightmare, and this composite image does a good job of conveying that. The central compositional element is a distorted window, which is nicely placed. The bare trees could be mistaken for lightening bolts, and the eyes are, of course, almost a required element in any picture of a nightmare. I think this piece could have used one other element that is in sharp focus with clear, natural colors to complement and balance with the window. The spider; perhaps?”
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“Beware of the Pear”
by Mikael Sundberg
Judge’s Comment: “Several people entered good examples of collage or montage. I prefer the term ‘composite’ to acknowledge this genre of contemporary digital art. This piece, designed to bring two disparate images together into a seamless, believable composite, is what I think of as an example of the older term ‘montage.’ Isolated in a white field, this object is very striking (pun intended), but I could also imagine a whole tree full of these. Can’t help thinking that using an apple instead of a pear would have given this image ‘biblical’ implications.”
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“MoMA Level Rhapsody”
by zinetv
Judge’s Comment: “W.W.E.D. (What Would Escher Do) if he had had digital tools? This image combines several photos into a new, somewhat-cohesive whole. But since each piece maintains a bit of visual independence, this is a good example of a digital ‘collage.’ I do have an issue with the piece that runs the length of the composition at bottom. I feel it cuts off the nice diagonal lines and forms that carry us from the top toward the bottom. Since everything else is at an oblique angle, this straight edge seems to put a halt to an otherwise activated composition. I appreciate the connection to a bit of art history and the excellent way this image allows us to rethink that work in the context of new digital tools and techniques.”
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Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in this ‘Bending Reality’ contest and to our excellent judge: JD Jarvis. New “Weekly Wednesdays” contests are already live or being planned. Get in the Weekly Wednesdays habit!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

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