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RESULTS – ‘Beauty’- PhoozL


RESULTS – ‘Beauty’

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Our final photo contest of 2013 was ‘Beauty’ – the proceeds of which benefitted photo charity Josephine Herrick Project. Our special judge (Robert Farber) reviewed all the images in coming up with his winner selections. He comments:

“The concept of beauty was captured perfectly with many of the images that were submitted. Some captured pure visual beauty that any viewer could appreciate. Others captured beauty that I could tell was mostly in the eyes of the creator.

“So all in all, the submissions made it very difficult to choose only the top three and three honorable mentions, but it was job to do and the following are my selections. ”

— Robert Farber, www.farber.com

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Grand Prize (1st Place Overall)
by David M.M. Taffet
“Breathing Beauty”
Judge’s Comment: My first choice, which may surprise some viewers, is out of a pure, personal sensitivity to the interpretation of beauty, in this case with the feeling that was captured between the two people. Their expressions, the glistening in her eye, his hand tenderly reaching to her, the expression on his face… It all shows that there’s more to an image than just good technical execution.
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2nd Place Overall
by Lesley Ackman
“Beauty of Flight”
Judge’s Comment: Now here’s a beautiful image that is captured beautifully, elegantly, technically, and with grace. The perfect composition of the flying bird with a highlight on the wings against the sky (and nice light on the eye) creates a gorgeous image.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


3rd Place Overall
by Stefano M
“Thoughtful Beauty”
Judge’s Comment: A lot to like here: I like the whimsical sensitivity, the composition of the off-center subject, her looking down, the wispy hair, the lighting on the background, and the mood of the image overall. I feel this really captures beauty.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


Honorable Mentions

More winning images chosen by the judge in the Honorable Mention category…
(Judge Robert Farber adds: “There is such a fine line between the honorable mentions and the ones in first, second, and third place.”)

by skinsel
“Making the Best of It”
Judge’s Comment: There are a number of elements that give this image great strength. A hand tells a story so well and becomes a great portrait in itself. In this case a monkey holding onto the cage says even more than just the hand on its own.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by Jose R. Moreno
Judge’s Comment: There are a number of great qualities about this image: Its monochromatic tones, the composition of the trees with the one bent tree in the center and the graphics of the two trees along the right edge, and the one old or broken tree leaning toward the other on the right.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


by rodriguezjrv
Judge’s Comment: I like the intensity of her eyes, the composition, the angle of her face and her hand delicately touching it. All this adds to the drama of the image. It creates a mystique. It’s not just a beauty shot … It tells a story.
Gallery Photo Detail Page


PhoozL thanks all the photographers who participated in this photo contest, the final one of 2013. We hope you were challenged, had your creativity sparked, and learned more about photography along the way. And a huge thanks to our judge: ROBERT FARBER, and to additional Prize Sponsors: Unique Photo, APERTURE Magazine and Cengage Learning PTR. Feel free to comment on this contest (or others, or on any photo) wherever you see the Comment boxes at the bottom of pages.

We’re currently pausing new contests in order to revamp things a bit. Stay tuned!

Harald Johnson
(aka AdminHarald)

P.S. We’ll be announcing the final 2013 PhoozL Awards soon, along with the 2013 PhoozL Photographer of the Year.


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