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About PhoozL- PhoozL


About PhoozL

Ph… What?
PhoozL. A destination for photographers and photo enthusiasts (amateur to pro) who want to be challenged and have “phun” while learning more about photography and spreading their creative wings. Photo contests and challenges, photo assignments, photo critiques, photo learning, photo sharing and community… it’s all part of PhoozL. If you like taking pictures, getting exposure and receiving recognition for your photos, improving your photo skills, and being challenged, inspired and motivated to take more and better photographs, then PhoozL is your new home.

Who is PhoozL?
PhoozL is the creation of Harald Johnson, Richard Marks, and some adventurous friends and colleagues. Those friends include a range of photographers from famous photo legends to amateur photo enthusiasts. And there are other contributors to PhoozL, too, including the PhoozL Photo Pros, a unique group of professional photographers and photo-industry experts who provide feedback to PhoozL members open to receiving it.


PhoozL Photo Pro Jonathan Smith finds a unique shooting angle.

For his part, Harald has been immersed in the worlds of photography, art, and publishing for more than 30 years. A former professional photographer, designer, publisher, and creative director, Harald is the author of the groundbreaking book series: “Mastering Digital Printing,” and for years has been a marketing and imaging/printing consultant for global technology companies. And he’s a heck of a good swimmer!


Harald Johnson (right) with famed photographer Albert Watson.

About You – Phoozleers
We like to have phun with our name, so that’s why we call all PhoozL members: “Phoozleers.” Just like in The Three Musketeers novel, we believe in their famous saying: “All for one, and one for all!” We’re here to help you on your path toward better photography, and we hope you will help us with your suggestions for improving PhoozL.


photo © Konstantin Sutyagin - Fotolia


So… Are you ready to start Phoozling?



No rights grabbing here! You retain the rights (including copyright) to your photographs. Period. However, by submitting or uploading images here, including entering contests or competitions, you grant PhoozL a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide license to reproduce and display your submissions, and any related content submitted by you, but ONLY in connection with the contests or this site, including publication highlighting contest entries or winners.


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Orthographers take note! Correct spelling is PhoozL or Phoozl, NOT Phoozle, Phooz1, or Phoozi. You have been warned!

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